The curve is nowhere near flat

The curve is nowhere near flat

All around the world, cases of Covid-19 are skyrocketing.


Don’t get caught up on what country has more cases, though. The fact is that ALL countries have more cases than they should, and all over the world people are dying.

Brazil, India, and the USA are currently the nations with the highest numbers of Covid-19. Not only are the curves not ‘flat’, but it is easy to see how the curve turned upward in mid-June as economies reopened. The leadership of many nations made a choice to prioritize the economy over the health impacts of Covid-19.

Both Brazil and India, where Covid-19 is spreading rapidly, have a ways to go before they catch up with the USA. Johns-Hopkins

News media is now reporting that Latin America has become the global region that is hardest hit by Covid-19. This is a little misleading, however, because Latin America is a group of countries that are spread over two continents, while the U.S. is a portion of a single continent.

Latin America now has 26.83% of global cases of Covid-19

The combined nations of Latin America now have 4,327,160 total cases of Covid-19, which is a little more than the 4,233,927 cases existing in the U.S. alone. So, the U.S. still remains the nation that has the most cases.

After the U.S., Brazil has the most cases, with 2.4 million. That is still significantly less than the number of cases in the USA. Do not believe any hype that the USA is doing better than other regions. It simply is not so.


It should not be a competition, however. Covid-19 is devastating vulnerable populations around the world. It doesn’t matter which countries have more cases. What matters is doing everything possible to stop the spread.

It is NOT a competition. People are dying.

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