Look at these Scary Aliens!

Look at these Scary Aliens!

Trump is really into aliens. We are not sure why. Perhaps it is because he is desperate for attention and everyone on earth is tired of his crap. MAYBE, Trump is just trying to distract us from everything he is doing that we don’t like. Even worse, it could be that Trump’s U.S. Constitution shredding is so malodorous that superior beings from another solar system just can’t take it anymore and they have come to kill us all.

Trump to meet with Alien High Overlord Phalall

Now that the U.S. has a Space Force, Trump can talk tough with the Aliens. Word on the street is that the Space Force has 77 spacecraft and 88 active duty members. That should hold off Klaatu. What do you think? Do we have a chance?

The Curse of Klaatu. My breakfast bagel and I squeeze from… | by ...
Klaatu is done with humans. Only Trump can convince Klaatu that we are worth saving. I guess we are all about to die.

There is a terrible rumor in Qanon circles that the reason why Trump likes Aliens so much is because he actually is one. That is a bit disturbing. We thought you had to be born in the United States to be President.

We did some research and discovered that, actually, Trump fits the bill because his surrogate parent was an American citizen and the Trump spawning took place at a secret facility located in an undisclosed U.S. protectorate. It’s all good.

A face only a mother could love.

Nevertheless, Trump’s biological parents have returned to Earth with some snazzy extra-terrestrial space craft. Klaatu has explained that they are super mad that humanity didn’t raise Trump properly and now they have a spoilt brat on their hands.

Trump really means it this time. He WILL send his Storm Troopers.
Now that the Aliens have landed, Trump has added reinforcements to his militia.

Careful now. Trump’s Alien Storm Troopers are coming to a Democrat run city in the very near future. Be prepared. Try coughing on them. That might work.


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