1 million new cases in just 15 days.  Is it time to panic?

1 million new cases in just 15 days. Is it time to panic?

We are headed toward a food emergency. Some say it won’t be Covid-19 that kills us. It will be the hunger.

Remember a few months ago when Trump announced at his daily Coronavirus taskforce meeting that “next week is going to be bad”? Well, next week is finally here and there is no end in site.

The more people sick at the same time, the harder it will be to keep civil order.

It took 3 months for 3 million Americans to become infected with Covid-19. It took just 15 days to reach 4 million infections. That. is. a. LOT. of. people.

Where will it go from here? Will another million people be infected in 7 days?


What about that death rate? So far, just over 144,000 Americans have died. Overall, that means the U.S. death rate from Covid-19 is 3.6%. Not the best, but not the worst either.

Not looking good.

Going forward, for every 1 million new cases, we might expect 36,000 people to die. That could be the minimum. We know from experience that the higher the population of people infected with Covid-19 at the same time, the higher the death rate is.

For example, Italy had a very difficult time taking care of so many sick people and their health services were unable to cope. The death rate actually doubled during the worst month of the pandemic. All it took to overwhelm Italian health and funeral services was an extra 20,000 deaths occurring in the month of March.


In the U.S., there are regions that have unusually high death rates. This could be because the number of infections are significantly under-counted, or that the region is unable to cope. For example, the death rate for Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit), is 10.91%

So how long? How long before all those annoying preppers are proven right and the SHTF?

Even Trump has said the pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better.

Right now, I bet you wish you had bought Jim Bakker’s expensive Apocalypse Emergency Food Buckets. Seriously, don’t buy them. They are crazy over-priced.

This Infamous Televangelist Is Selling Disgusting Food for the ...
MMMM. Desiccated chili mac that is guaranteed to last through the Tribulation.

While everyone pays attention to Trump’s MOCA test results, there is a humanitarian crisis looming. The UN has warned we are facing the worst food crisis in 50 years. That should worry everyone, because food is expected to be scarce even in food-rich nations.

Read the UN report on the global food shortages caused by Covid-19.

Spoiler: it is bad. They are calling it a FOOD EMERGENCY.

It can happen here.

Do you believe the Trump Administration is preparing for the coming food crisis? Do you think that even if they were preparing, that they would be doing a good job of it?

You might want to stock up on some beans and rice. Make sure you have food to get your family through this winter. Don’t panic. Just prepare if you can.


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