Trump wishes Ghislaine well?

Trump wishes Ghislaine well?

How lovely for Ghislaine Maxwell that the President of the United States is looking out for her. We’ve heard that it is hard out there for a pimp and we wouldn’t want Ghislaine to suffer too much. Would we?


“I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach,”

Donald Trump remembering the good old days

If Ghislaine plays her cards right, she might even get a Presidential pardon. Wouldn’t that be great? Even better, if Trump merely commutes her sentence, she won’t be compelled to spill any secrets. That’s what they said about Roger Stone, anyway.


Click here to read tabloid fodder about Ghislaine Maxwell hiring a lobbyist to smear victims and get US Attorney Geoffrey Berman fired. Probably slightly less than accurate. Maybe.

What the whole world would have liked is if Trump had wished Ghislaine’s (alleged) victims well. How come he didn’t do that? Don’t this victims deserve a thought?

This is a story of abuse': BBC airs interview with Virginia ...
Virginia Giuffre says that Ghislaine Maxwell groomed her to have sex with Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz.
Courtney Wild was in middle school when she became Epstein’s sex slave
Prosecutors must probe Jeffrey Epstein's trafficking network, says ...
Sarah Ransome alleges that Ghislaine threatened to physically harm her or ruin her career prospects if she did not act as their sex slave.
Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich gives voice to victims, but ...
Maria and Annie Farmer were sisters that claim that Ghislaine sexually assaulted them and threatened their careers. They also made accusations of battery and false imprisonment.
Michelle Licata
Michelle Licata was recruited at 16.
New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15
Jennifer Araoz claims she was recruited outside her high school when she was just 14. She says that Epstein forcibly raped her when she was 15.

There were more young girls. Many more. We do not know all of their names and stories, but these survivors, who are now grown women have come forward to tell their stories.

Jeffrey Epstein: About the sex trafficking case & accusations ...
Ghislaine Maxwell claims she didn’t know that Epstein was sexually assaulting or trafficking these young girls. They say differently.
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