Some of these Trump memes are weird, but that’s good

Some of these Trump memes are weird, but that’s good

Trump critics can be pretty talented, That is a good thing because if we have to live through this nightmare, at least we can laugh. Some of the memes are pretty weird, though. Maybe we just don’t get them. It doesn’t matter because any meme that digs at Trump is a good meme.

Look at these memes. Are they weird? or What?

Okay. What is going on here? Is this what happens in the inner sanctuary of the Church of Capitalism? Is this the Trump Death Cult everyone is talking about? Do you have to like beans to be confirmed? Maybe you just need to be a billionaire? OMG IS GOYA MADE OF PEOPLE??!!!???Seriously, if you know what is going on in this meme, let us know.
We LOVE this one. It is so Diego Rivera. We genuinely hope that this mural will be installed in the Trump Library.

Click here to read more about artist Mark Bryan

BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE The Nightmare, painted in December 2016, depicts what artist Mark Bryan imagined the Trump presidency would be like. - IMAGE COURTESY OF MARK BRYAN
Here is another masterpiece by Mark Bryan. Cut and paste it. Spread it far and wide. It’s weird, but its cathartic. Everyone should see this just for the healing effect it produces upon the soul.
We wish we could claim this picture was manipulated in some way, but it’s not. This really happened. OK OK, someone stuck Saruman in there, but he fits.
Her Majesty was wearing this dress with her inside voice, but it was so loud that we could hear it anyway. Unfortunately, this posh frock sold out within minutes or we would wear one in solidarity.
Trump threw paper towels at Puerto Rico, and then he suggested they sell the island and cut their losses. The headless corpses of 18th century French aristocrats rolled in their graves with admiration.
We think that Bob Ross would be unhappy.
Memes, Weird, and DONALO TRUMP
Trump Memes(weird memes #1) - YouTube
We just can’t.
This isn’t even a meme. It is their actual family portrait. Wow, Melania doesn’t even look like the same person.
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This one isn’t that funny because people have actually tried to use disinfectant to prevent or cure covid-19.
trump tide pod meme
because the only thing stupider than eating Tide pods is voting for Trump!
This Time, Americans Are Doing Nothing - The Atlantic
This one really says it all.

Please try and stay safe until this nightmare is over. It WILL end. Keep resisting. Get in good trouble–safely, while wearing a mask.

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