The rise of the Trumpstapo?

The rise of the Trumpstapo?

An unidentified agency, in unmarked uniforms, are kidnapping protesters off the streets of Portland, Oregon. These unmarked ‘police’ are shoving their targets into unmarked vehicles and driving away.

It is likely that the unidentified agency is associated with Homeland Security. This is because Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf made a visit to Portland, after calling the protesters “violent anarchists” and a “violent mob”. Wolf also complained that Portland officials are siding with the protesters.

Portland does not want DHS interfering and causing more problems.

Click here to read about Chad Wolf’s visit to Portland

Federal officers were sent to Portland two weeks ago, and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says they did not ask for assistance, they want the Federal officers to leave, and that these officers are escalating the situation.

It is believed that the unmarked police are targeting presumed protesters that are wearing black clothing, even if they are simply demonstrating peacefully or just walking on the street.

Mark Pettibone was taken into custody, held for some time without arrest, and then suddenly released.
Police State?

Some Portland residents are claiming that most violence taking place during protests have been due to aggression from the police:

In the weeks since Donald Trump deployed DHS police to Portland to guard federal buildings, the city has seen a considerable escalation in violence against protesters by officers. On Sunday, a federal officer shot Portlander Donovan LaBella in the head with a “less lethal” munition, sending LaBella to the hospital for emergency facial reconstruction surgery. LaBella was standing with his hands in the air, holding a speaker over his head, when he was shot.

Portland Mercury

As the unmarked agents rounded up protesters, Chad Wolf appeared on “Hannity” to repeat his intentions to occupy the city of Portland. Wolf admitted that his help was rejected at both the city and the state level:

“Earlier this week, I called not only the mayor but the governor,” Wolf told host Sean Hannity. “I offered DHS support to help them locally address the situation that’s going on in Portland. And their only response was, ‘Please pack up and go home.’

And that’s just not gonna happen on my watch,” Wolf went on. “So we need to make sure that we’re supporting our law enforcement officers here and making sure that they’re going to continue to protect the federal courthouse here. That’s what the DHS does. That’s our mission. We’re not going to abdicate our mission, our responsibilities.”


It doesn’t look like DHS is going to back down, but surely Americans will see these events as an assault on states rights, freedom of speech, and as a disturbing rise in state violence that is usually only seen in dictatorships.

Do you want a police state? Because that's how you get a police ...

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