There are Dogs campaigning for Biden

There are Dogs campaigning for Biden

Trump is worried that mail-in ballots have been sent to dogs. That isn’t true, but if it was, dogs would definitely vote Democrat. Even the Bernie Bro dogs plan to vote for Biden. There are definitely no Republican dogs.


All dogs are Democrats, and that is likely why Trump hates them. What kind of person hates dogs? That alone is reason enough to vote for Biden. Check out these cute Tweets about dogs who support Biden:

Trump is a dog hater. Does anyone trust a dog hater?
Trump is hurting ALL of our livers.
Darth Trump’s days as President are numbered!
Awww! Elizabeth Warren’s dog is so loyal.
Good plan. Lock him up.
Us too, Thor, us too.
FEW dogs do what Beatrice did! It was amazing!
Just IMAGINE the big party we will have.
Bite him harder Binx! Good boy!
We hear you!
Dogs know. They know that Trump is a dog hating bad man.
Biden LOVES his dog.
Biden really loves dogs.
It is rumored that Biden likes cats, too.
When Biden is President, cats and dogs will be friends.
Yep. Books. Trump has never heard of one.
These dogs will NOT be voting for Trump.

Trump better watch out because ALL DOGS ARE DEMOCRATS! Except for the ones that are Bernie Bros. They plan to vote for Biden though.

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