Why is Ivanka so annoyingly complicit?

Why is Ivanka so annoyingly complicit?

Ivanka is complicit! It is very unlikely that Ivanka Trump has ever opened a can of beans. We are not even convinced that she has ever even eaten a can of beans. Does anyone believe that Ivanka serves Goya brand frijoles negros at family dinners?


So WHY is Ivanka suddenly telling America how great these beans are?

Really? REALLY?

In the history of… ANYWHERE… has the daughter of a head of state ever started shilling for the corporations that support her father? We mean straight up endorsing a product like she is some sort of Kardashian?

Playing by the rules: This time, the 37-year-old got all the relevant information into the captions the first time
The next FLOTUS is a pro at product endorsement. Pretty risky to endorse prescription drugs though. Hope that it doesn’t turn out like thalidomide!

It all started when CEO Bob Unanue of Goya Foods praised President Trump. That quickly prompted anger and a boycott of the Goya brand. Unanue said that America was BLESSED to have a leader like Trump.


Well, many Americans were annoyed that Unanue would suggest that anyone is blessed to have a leader that constantly makes disparaging remarks about Latin Americans –calling them “invaders”, referring to immigrants from “shithole countries”, and claiming they are rapists and criminals. More important than the name calling is the children separated from their families and kept in cages at the border with Mexico.

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People are no longer willing to put up with Trump’s hate and they are not willing to buy the products of those corporations that support Trump.

Goya Foods have been feeling the pain, and their CEO believes it is suppression of his speech.

Unanue is confused that a boycott of his product means his speech has been suppressed. The opposite is true. Unanue’s speech has been amplified, reaching far more people than it ever would have if he simply had made some neutral comment about Trump. Unanue has every right to say that he he feels that America is blessed with this Presidency.

The public has the right to respond to Unanue’s comments and they say they don’t want to eat his beans anymore. In the free market of ideas, speech has consequences.

Bloop @thisisbmc @GoyaFoods is standing on the wrong side of history when our people are being demonized and our children are being encarcerated. Not one penny to #Goya #Goyaway #GOYABOYCOTT 8:12 PM · Jul 9, 2020 · Twitter for iPad
Someone exercising their free speech.

Good thing, too. Everyone knows that delicious food does not come out of a can. The best food comes from Abuelita’s kitchen.

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