Dr Fauci Appreciation Day

Dr Fauci Appreciation Day

Dr Fauci should be called Saint Fauci for putting up with all the abuse he gets. All Dr Fauci wants to do is keep people safe from Covid-19. It’s not his fault there is a global pandemic, but President Trump needs to find someone to blame. Until Trump quits with the Covid-19 lies, every day should be declared Dr Fauci Appreciation Day.


Now, Trump is hinting that he will fire Dr Fauci “a little bit after the election”. Oh really? Is Trump worried about firing Dr Fauci BEFORE the election? Trump can fire people all day long, but it won’t change anything. Covid-19 does not care who Trump fires, nor will it go away just because Trump wants to pretend there is no global pandemic.

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Hating the messenger will not make Covid-19 go away.

The fun thing about Trump turning on Dr Fauci is that we get to read the most delicious satire about the mess that is the Trump Administration. Stuff like this:

Trump screwed the pooch on this pandemic. If he led Starbucks the way he’s led on COVID-19, the chain would now be selling Arsenic Frappuccinos for $19.99. Trump’s failures have put his enablers, bootlickers and lobotomized cheerleaders in the media – if Jesus returned to condemn Trump, Lou Dobbs would fly into in a jowl-flapping rage, accusing Jesus of being a Deep State stooge – in a bind.

Leftist Foreign Rag–probably
The new theology.

The truth, however, is that Dr Fauci is great. We need to appreciate that he is the only one out there that is telling the truth. From the beginning he has said:

“physical distance”

“wash your hands”

“This Covid-stuff is real and its bad”

This stuff was true in March, and it remains true today, no matter how much Trump wants to pretend that Covid-19 does not exist.

Trump's Blatant Coronavirus Lies - The Atlantic
Yeah, it didn’t really work out like that did it? There are 230,000 people DEAD from Covid-19.

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Poor Dr Fauci has had the toughest job in the world. There he is, forced to work alongside a crazy man and his team of sycophant conspiracy theorists.

This is Dr Fauci having a moment where he realizes that the world is about to end and there is nothing standing between the Trump train and disaster. He laughs because he can’t cry anymore.

To deflect responsibility away from himself, Trump is scapegoating Dr Fauci. Instead of owning their mistakes, the claim is now that Dr Fauci is the one who bungled the federal response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We all know this isn’t true.


We all sat through press conference after press conference where Trump told us to eat hydroxychlorox or whatever it is called, only for Dr Fauci to say “No, don’t do that. it is unproven for use in this situation”.

Dr Fauci does NOT want you to try this medication.

It hasn’t always been this way. Dr Fauci has served the United States of America for decades. Other Presidents have relied on his expertise in difficult times. It is ONLY in the age of Trump that Fauci has become a controversial figure.

It was Dr Fauci Appreciation Day when George HW Bush called Dr Fauci his hero.

Dr Fauci has DECADES of experience in fighting off disease. He knows what he is doing. This might only mean something to nerds, but Fauci is among the most cited scientists in scientific journals. He doesn’t just know about infectious disease control. He wrote the guidebook.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Prayer Candle | Etsy
Fauci is on the fast track to beatification.
Clinton appreciated Fauci on another Dr Fauci Appreciation Day
Dubya also appreciated Fauci
Obama appreciated Fauci!
Dr Fauci knows how to give Covid-19 a beatdown.
Dr. Fauci Merch Abounds on Ecommerce Sites
Yet, no matter how bad it gets, we can count on Dr Fauci tell us the truth. Every day should be Dr Fauci Appreciation Day at least until Trump leaves office.

The more Trump complains about Dr Fauci, the more we are going to listen to what he has to say. Fortunately, the nightmare that is Trump is almost over.


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