Does Trump WANT people to get sick?

Does Trump WANT people to get sick?

It turns out that Trump is fully aware that the full re-opening of schools and universities is the ‘highest risk’ for spreading Covid-19. Not ‘increased risk’ or even ‘high risk’, but the ‘highest risk’. Does Trump want people to get sick? Is this his new re-election strategy?

The ‘lowest risk’ is online classes, which many students have been participating in.

Yes, kids need to be in school. Yes, parents rely on schools to watch their kids all day while they are at work. Yes, kids need the many social benefits of an in-person learning environment. None of that is disputed.

These, however, are unprecedented times. Right now, people that crowd together, whether it be classrooms or restaurants, are getting sick. Nearly 135,000 Americans have died–so far. This is still just the first wave.

Physical distancing is the only defense against the spread of Covid-19. That is why everything was locked down and stuff like schools have been closed. Times are hard, and they are likely to get worse. That is just reality.

“I’m just going to say it: It feels like we’re playing Russian roulette with our kids and our staff,” said Robin Cogan, a nurse at the Yorkship School in Camden, N.J., who serves on the state’s committee on reopening schools.

New York Times

You know what? She is right. There continues to be a lot we do not know about Covid-19. Data suggests that kids do not get Covid-19 as often as adults, but there are still many children who have died. There is also the issue that high school and university students are not children.

Plus, we are not even there yet. The United States does not have community spread under control. Until community spread is under control, there should be no plans to re-open anything. Opening-up will only help the virus to defy attempts to control it.

“I do believe it’s irresponsible to consider opening schools at a time when our COVID cases are on the rise, when our hospitals are concerned,”

Texas State Senator Beverly Powell

Even if your kids do not get sick with severe symptoms, they might bring the virus home to you. God forbid you get sick and die! Who will take care of your kids then? This is a serious decision to make. Make sure you make the right choice about sending your kids to school at this time.

If there was ever a time to seriously consider homeschooling, this is it. The Trump Administration is always harping on about school choice. Take that home school voucher (if your state offers one).

Contact your local school board to find out your options for distance learning.

Remember that your kids are not fodder for political gain. There is no rush, and Covid-19 is on a timeline that we can’t control. When this is all over, it won’t matter that the kids missed a little school. What matters is that we survived.

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