Could today’s ‘conservatives’ survive World War II?

Could today’s ‘conservatives’ survive World War II?

Probably not.

World War II was a tough time for America. People were killed in combat, food and other supplies had to be rationed, and EVERYONE needed to do something to assist with the war effort.


Kind of like now. There is a global pandemic and millions of people are sick. hundreds of thousands have died. We need to work together to fight it. Not just work together nationally, but globally. The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest event of our lives.

So why are we failing at that?

Fight the power!–updated for 2020

Denial of the problem will not help. We can’t use positive thinking to drive the virus away. The virus does what it wants, and it doesn’t care about your politics.

Demanding that everyone simply returns to work and school during a global pandemic is like telling Britons to ignore the blitz during WWII. Do you think that happened? It didn’t happen because it was a life and death situation.


030 Mothers let them go
British kids were sent to the country so they wouldn’t die. From BOMBS. Big bombs that brought their nation to its knees.

Imagine the Germans dropping bombs on you every single night. As soon as it gets dark, you must ensure that you follow black out procedures. If just a sliver of light escapes your home, enemy aircraft will know where you are and then dump their explosive payload. What an inconvenience! Have these Germans read the U.S constitution?


Consider this poster from WWII era Boston. These days, the government has simply asked people to wear a mask and physical distance. During WWII, people had to follow these rules. Can you imagine the attack on your freedoms? How DARE the ‘Deep State’ condition citizens to obey the authorities that are trying to save lives!!

If you were in Boston during World War II, you'd see this poster ...
Imagine the inconvenience!

Would Roosevelt or Truman have told Americans that the air raids were a hoax? Would Churchill have claimed that German bombs only kill old people with pre-existing conditions? The answer is no. These leaders were not stupid.


Imagine the government telling you that you had to ration food and energy. “How dare they!”, scream the snowflakes. After all, it is your natural right as an individual to spend your cash anyway you choose.

saving fuel for the war effort -- Elinor Florence
What do you mean I have to ration fuel? It is my constitutional right to drive my land-yacht all over Hell’s half-acre!

Imagine being told to turn the heat down so the military had enough oil to fight the war? Yes, you! Put on a sweater.

World War II Rationing on the U.S. Homefront | Ames History Museum
This is the kind of sacrifice that Granny was willing to make.

Go ahead, tell your 90 year old Granny that she is a ‘Deep State Cuck’ because she grew a victory garden, sewed black out curtains, and turned the furnace off.


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