Trump is having a meltdown

Trump is having a meltdown

His tweets. The stupid burns our retinas. It burns so bad. Why doesn’t Trump just resign? It would be best for him. Best for the nation. Best for the world.

Being President of the United States is a really hard job. Most people couldn’t handle it. There is no shame in admitting that being POTUS is just too much for the average person. In fact, it might be a road to rehabilitation. Doing the right thing is always admirable.

These tweets are a big part of the problem.

There is no witch hunt. This is politics. This is democracy. If a person wants to hold the highest office in the land, they are going to have to conduct themselves in a manner that befits that office.

The critics are out there and these critics are patriotic heroes. The critics are protecting democracy–and that is true no matter who the critics are or what party they belong to. We all participate in a market of ideas. Sharing ideas helps everyone to determine what is right, and what is wrong.

There is no better safeguard to democracy than having a free and unfettered media to elevate dissenting opinions. Healthy dissent is the only thing standing between democracy and tyranny. Please, President Trump. Have some decorum and listen to the critics.

It is healthy to criticize the President, and other elected officials, for every move they make. When they screw up, they need to be told. They need to be chastised. Sometimes, they need to be impeached.

The fact is that a President needs to conduct themselves in a way that is unimpeachable, or the ‘mob’ is going to come for them with their pitchforks. That means no lying, no stealing, no cronyism, no whoring with interns or porn stars. Don’t even try to stack the judiciary with politically motivated judges. There is a REASON why judges should come from all political backgrounds.

It also means keeping the best interests of citizens at heart. That means that people’s lives need to come before a temporary dip in the economy. The Great Depression was 12 years. Just 12 years followed by an era of unprecedented social equality and economic growth. A lot of people believe that 12 years of depressed economic growth is fair exchange for the 130K plus and counting number of lives that have been lost. The history books will remember how many people died, but the economy tanked just the same.

Unimpeachable conduct means treating minority citizen groups with respect. All Americans should share in the benefits of citizenship. Right now, we are talking about the civil rights of black people, and an unimpeachable President should be constructively participating in that dialogue. Refusing to acknowledge the reality of institutionalized racism in America will attract criticism, and the critics are being loud and clear on this issue.

Okay. Fair enough. This is an especially difficult time to be President. That, however, is all the reason why America needs a President with unimpeachable conduct. An intelligent and educated President. Sorry Trump, but you are neither.

Instead of true leadership, Trump has pandered to white nationalists, has allowed the military to suffer increased security risks, has fumbled the attempt to mitigate the effects of a global pandemic, and has started an economically devastating global trade war.

The whole world understands why Trump is unfit for office. Why has he been allowed to remain?

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