Wear a Mask!

Wear a Mask!

They say we need to wear masks to help slow down the spread of Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean we need to be boring. Let your creativity shine!

Snorkel mask
Dude looks pretty safe. His germs are staying with him.
Tinkalife's mask
Be glamorous.
Cabbage mask
Be green.
Water bottle face mask
Might as well recycle those plastic jugs.
Knitted face mask
Be crafty.
Face hugger mask
This might be a bit much.
pLavonne Williams wears an original Gucci design by Mel Maxi. This photograph was taken on Lenox Avenue and 135th Street.p
Be fashionable.
Be weird.
Be historical.
Finally, A Mask A Girl Can Get Behind
Be non-binary.
Be fierce.
Women face mask with lips facemask with mouth design girls image 0
Be exciting.
Here's Where You Can Buy A Face Mask Online Right Now
Be cute.

The important thing is to actually wear a mask. It will help us to keep each other safer and slow down the spread of Covid-19. Think of Grandma.

Dance with your grandma (after COVID-19 of course) – Science ...

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