Trump wants to ban TikTok

Trump wants to ban TikTok

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Laura Ingraham that the U.S. is “looking at” banning TikTok and other social media apps.

Pompeo reasoned that TikTok is a security risk and implied that the Chinese Communist Party is doing something sinister with user’s private information.

We thought all the apps were doing something sinister with our information. It is hard to figure out exactly what all the social media apps are doing with our information, but it seems to be something about targeted advertising. Yawn. Perhaps we are naive and the Chinese Communist Party is going to brainwash America’s youth into hating trump.

Do you think a ban on TikTok has anything to do with all the teenagers that reserved Tulsa Trump Rally tickets and then didn’t show? That was hilarious.

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Did you know you can make sure there are empty seats at Trump’s rally? BLM.

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Poor Trump. That rally in Tulsa was a colossal failure. Good times. Anyway, it is important to know what type of country bans social media apps. Do you know what kind? Dictatorships.

Yep. Dictatorships. China, actually, is a pro at banning social media. Like Facebook. China banned Facebook in 2009 because they figured it would stop activists from communicating with one another. Do you know who else has banned Facebook? Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

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Does the U.S. want to be the kind of country that censors social media and prohibit Americans from talking to one another? We don’t think so. Go ahead, Trump Administration. Tell everyone you are taking away their social media and see what happens.

Frankly, Pompeo’s reasoning is pretty sketchy. Giving the Communist Party our personal information? By that measure, the Trump Campaign should be banned. They bragged about their data haul!

Really? What are they going to do with all this personal information? Cal the teens and ask them if they are voting for Trump?

Can’t wait to hear the MAGA crowd demand that social media is shut down. That is going to be epic.

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