100,000 new cases per day?

100,000 new cases per day?

Covid-19 does not care who you vote for. It hasn’t read the U.S. Constitution, and it certainly has no opinion on the economy. All that Covid-19 cares about is finding a new host. That host could be you, it could be a ‘liberal’, it could be a ‘conservative’, it could be a President, or it could be a homeless person. Covid-19 does not care.

You could call Covid-19 the Honey Badger of infectious disease.

If only Honey Badger would wear a mask.

So, when Dr Fauci warns there could be 100,000 new cases per day, it is a good idea to listen. The numbers of people who will get sick and die from Covid-19 is not really a debate. Well, we can debate a little bit over whose projections are more accurate, but that is like debating whether bleach or lysol is better at killing germs. The undeniable fact is that a LOT of people are going to get sick and a LOT of people are going to die.

Three statisticians go out hunting together. After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and overshoots. The second aims and undershoots. The third shouts out “We got him!”

Dr Fauci and his buddies down at the pub–probably.

So when Rand Paul complained that Dr Fauci was all doom and gloom, and demanded that Fauci should be more optimistic about his projections, we can only assume that poor Rand Paul does not understand how these things work.

It is as if people believe that Dr Fauci can personally control how many people are infected with Covid-19. Or maybe they believe that Dr Fauci is recommending that people wear masks and physical distance because he is just mean. Watch this exchange:

Trust us when we say that Dr Fauci wants nothing more than for American kids to go to school. It is likely he wants all the Senators to go to school as well. He for sure wants the entire Trump Administration to go to school. “C’mon, just one course about community health outcomes. Please!”, said Fauci–probably.

Despite all the pressure to re-open, many states have decided to slow down their re-opening. This is because new infections are increasing in as many as 36 states. Currently, Los Angeles is the worst hotspot with over 100,000 infections. So far, the death rate is at 3.3%, which is not as terrible as some other places. The worst hit county in the U.S. remains Queens, which has had over 64,000 cases, but a death rate of 8.8%. Neighboring King County has had almost 59,000 infections, but their death rate is at 9.15%.

When elected officials attempt to downplay the danger from Covid-19, or when they suggest that taking precautions is some sort of assault on freedom, they are letting the voters down. The schools are closed in the hope that less people get sick or die. Factories are shut down so that less people get sick or die. Masks are advised in the hope they will slow down the infection rate. This is just common sense.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander agrees:

“The stakes are too high for the political debate about pro-Trump, anti-Trump masks to continue. The president has plenty of admirers. They would follow his lead.”

Lamar Alexander from Tennessee

So why isn’t Trump encouraging people to wear a mask? Does he want everyone to get sick?

Some of the political messages circulating are just ridiculous. Covid-19 prevention strategies are not an assault on religion or your civil rights. There is no vast conspiracy to oppress conservatives with a fake liberal disease. That doesn’t stop people from thinking so, however.

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