What did the President know and when did he know it?

What did the President know and when did he know it?

In the last few days we have learned that Russia offered a bounty for each American soldier killed in Afghanistan. Imagine being the spouse or parent of a soldier serving in Afghanistan, and hearing this news.

Military Funeral Customs - Collins Flags Blog
Dead American soldiers being repatriated to the U.S. in flag draped coffins.

Then, imagine that the President of the United States of America knew about this and did nothing. Not only did the President do nothing, but he continued to cozy up to Vladimir Putin. There was no diplomatic rebuke for an obvious act of aggression, no new sanctions, and no concerns expressed for the soldiers. Instead, Trump continued to pursue Putin’s goals. Goals such as an invitation into the G7, the withdrawal of American troops from Germany, and continued attempts to undermine NATO.

In this undated picture made by the US Department of Defense, flag-draped coffins of US war casualties are handled by fellow soldiers in Dover, Del. A website published photographs of American war dead arriving at the nation's largest military mortuary from Iraq and Afghanistan, and a NASA spokesman said that at least 18 rows of photos on the site were of the Columbia astronauts. The photographs were released to First Amendment activist Russ Kick, who had filed a Freedom of Information Act request.
There is a human cost to war.

Trump has not even bothered to make a comment on the issue. The only communication delivered was from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who claimed that neither Trump nor Pence were briefed on these matters.

Let that sink in. The White House is claiming that no one bothered to tell Trump and Pence that their boyfriend Putin was giving the Taliban cash each time they killed an American soldier. Does anyone actually believe this?

She said that the U.S. “receives thousands of intelligence reports a day and they are subject to strict scrutiny,” adding that she is not denying the intelligence exists, but that the president was not briefed on it.

 “This does not speak to the merit of the alleged intelligence but to the inaccuracy of the New York Times story erroneously suggesting that President Trump was briefed on this matter,” McEnany said. 

The Hill

Not only is the White House admitting that the story is true, but they are claiming that President Trump simply was not briefed.

Mourners grieve for victim of Fort Hood shootings – Collective ...
Soldiers trust that the Commander in Chief will value their sacrifices.

Is that because no one bothered to tell Trump? Or was it because they know Trump to be a security risk? We can’t WAIT for the congressional hearing when some poor sycophant falls on his sword to claim that Trump wasn’t briefed because the intelligence was not considered important.

Now that the whole world knows that Trump now knows about the Russian bounty on American soldiers, does Trump have any words of concern for the military? Has he offered any rebuke of Putin?

Your uncle died so that stupid people can say stupid things
Taylor Gralewski cries at her uncles funeral. PFC Toppen was killed in Afghanistan by ‘friendly fire’.

No. Trump went golfing and then tweeted all Saturday about his new executive order to prosecute Black Lives Matter protesters for ripping down statues. There were 15 individual tweets of suspected statue vandals that Trump wants to see incarcerated for 10 years.

La David Johnson Jr., 2, is presented with an American flag that was placed over the casket of his father, Sgt. La David Johnson.
2 year old La David Johnson Jr receives the flag from his father’s casket. Sgt Johnson was killed by Islamic militants in Niger.

That is between the occasional tweet where Trump screams out “LAW AND ORDER!” without further context. We all understand the context, however. Trump is sending out tweet after tweet telling the world that Democrats and violent mobs of ‘Liberals’ are rioting and looting.

Wow, liberals are so scary! Way scarier than Putin paying the Taliban to slaughter American soldiers–or at least that is what Trump would have us believe.
Really? What about that Putin problem? Will you be working on that?
Apparently not!

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