Skills based hiring is code for hiring based on nepotism and political affiliation.

Skills based hiring is code for hiring based on nepotism and political affiliation.

Education is waste of time, said the Trump Administration–probably.

Qualifications are outdated, explains Ivanka Trump. President Trump wants to hire the best people, but he can’t because his list of best people know nothing.

Is it not lost on these people that Ivanka is an example of an unqualified person hired through nepotism? Will the federal bureaucracy be filled with Ivanka clones?

Ivanka has an undergraduate degree in economics from Wharton. As we have explained before, Wharton didn’t do that well educating Donald Trump, so we expect that Wharton got a library or something in return for graduating Ivanka cum laude. That means that she graduated in the top 1/3 of her class and while it is better than a kick in the pants, its not that impressive. She probably had a C+ average to get that designation.

More importantly, federal hiring regulations and practices exist for a reason. They are meant to ensure that the people hired are appropriately educated and qualified for the position they fill. The system is specifically meant to thwart nepotism and the political stacking of the public service.

Do you know what kind of countries hire based on nepotism and political affiliation?


Want some examples of nations that embrace nepotism and cronyism?

Dictatorship Countries And Their Leaders | Countries Ruled by ...
These are Trump’s heroes. All of them a special friend, except for Assad. Trump read something bad about Syria in the Bible so now they can’t be friends.








North Korea

Are you getting the picture?

If Trump has his way, you can add the USA to that list. Is that what people want?

No one else brought their kids to the G20.
There is a persistent rumor that Ivanka assisted in negotiating the Yalta Agreement, but it’s fake news.

The cold hard facts for Trump and his brood of know-nothing dependents is that the rest of the world does not find them as fascinating as he does. The G20 leaders want to talk to people that know what they are talking about. Remember this cringeworthy video?

Yikes! The woman annoyed with Ivanka’s presence is Christine Lagarde. After being the French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry, Lagarde became the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, and is now the President of the European Central Bank. She has four master’s degrees. There is absolutely nothing of relevance that Ivanka could possibly add to this conversation as she tries to interrupt Macron and then May. We imagine that the four started speaking en Francais just to get rid of her.
Chappie the cat 🐱 Social Distancing Expert on Twitter: "https://t ...
Trinity on Twitter: "5 U.S. Code §3110 — Employment of Relatives ...
make sure to pick up Ivanka’s new book about supporting women in the workplace.

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