Covid Creativity

Covid Creativity

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Zan’s actual pie!

Remember the quaint old days of sourdough bread, which everyone was making cuz quarantine? Well, don’t know about you but we’ve had a spike in my area, so nothing’s really changed in my world. And while I didn’t do the bread, I did recently make my first pie. My guinea-pig taste-tester even said it was darn good.

I like paper crafts, too, and have been making lots of greeting cards. I also just branched out, or rather returned to my decoupage days. It’s the kind of work well suited to doing while listening to the terrifying new reports of spikes across the nation. Yes, I find sugar and glue comforting. Temporarily, anyway.

There were no calories in this pie. Just deliciousness

What have you been doing to stave off the Covid Blues?

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Zan’s…? Pencil holder?

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