The Dixie Chicks changed their name and conservatives are upset about it

The Dixie Chicks changed their name and conservatives are upset about it

Remember when cancelling people used to be a conservative project? We do. We remember 2003 when Natalie Maines said their band, the Dixie Chicks, did not support the imminent invasion of Iraq and that they were ashamed that President George W. Bush was from their home state of Texas.

Frankly, it was a popular opinion at the time. In retrospect, many conservatives have decided the invasion of Iraq was a bad idea.

At the time this all went down, I burned your records, boycotted your music and felt that what you had done was unforgivable. Several years later I came to realize that what you did and how you stuck to your convictions was the very essence of what it is to be an American. I not only got over my own short sightedness, but have defended you to my friends and family on more than one occasion. You may never read this, but I would like to publicly apologize to all three of you for contributing to the hurt and pain you and your families went through. Stay true Ladies.

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In 2003, however, the Dixie Chicks were boycotted and blacklisted. They received death threats. So much for unfettered free speech. Recall this episode in American punditry every time you hear a whiny bigot complaining they must suffer consequences after saying something vile.

All that Natalie Maines said was that they were against the invasion and ashamed that Bush was from Texas. Compare that to what has been said by others about Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Biden. It is not like The Dixie Chicks had claimed that Bush was a Muslim terrorist born in Kenya, that he led a pedophile ring out of a pizza shop, or that he is sleepy from dementia–just to name a few slurs.

Remember when popular music was a revolutionary project? We do.

Despite being blacklisted, the Dixie Chicks continued to make music and stand up for causes that were important to them and in 2006 they released a comeback album that swept the Grammy Awards. Their big song “Not Ready to Make Nice” was quite well received.

Now The Chicks are in the news again, this time because they are standing with the Black Lives Matter movement. In a show of solidarity, they have removed ‘Dixie’ from their band name, and from now on wish tho be called The Chicks. Many conservatives are complaining about it. “How DARE the Dixie Chicks shove their tolerance down our throats”, said everyone on Parler–probably.

The American Civil War was supposed to have ended over 150 years ago, but there has remained no shortage of people whistling Dixie. Whistling Dixie is a term used to describe the fantasy that the South would rise again. These days the term might be used to describe almost any sort of romanticized longing for a time that never was, but the phrase itself calls to the social organization of the Antebellum South. Dixie is that place that Southerners are proud of–a mythical network of plantations full of happy slaves picking cotton for their master. Thus, all these Confederate flags, all these Confederate monuments, and all these songs that long for the old South, they are all just whistling Dixie.

Click here to learn more about the term Dixie and it’s relationship to minstrel shows.

The original people who whistled Dixie were minstrel players in the 19th Century. Performers in blackface would glorify a fantasized version of the Antebellum South, where everyone was happy, especially black people. The song “Dixie” became wildly popular and it is still played today. Bob Dylan recorded Dixie in 2003

Really, Bob? Really? At least there is some subtle criticism of the fantasy here.

Click here to listen to a discussion of the enduring legacy of a lost cause in America’s South.

As usual, the snowflake conservatives that clutch their Confederate flags while whistling Dixie are melting.

There is a little of this, which is just dumb, because women can refer to themselves as baby chickens if they feel like it. Don’t change the subject.

There is also a little of this. What? Is Dixieland God’s will?
There is an awful lot of this. What enlightenment does this person have?

Sadly, what all the critic s have in common is their desire to keep whistling Dixie about a time and place that will never be again.

Out of all the jokes posted online, only one of them managed to be a little bit funny, and that was from Greg Gutfeld who chimed in that Maroon 5 needs to get on the bandwagon.

Maybe the only time we will ever compliment Gutfeld on a joke. Savor this moment.

Other critics have charged The Chicks with pandering. Pandering? Really? Pandering might describe all the country music acts that sucked up to conservatives with their art destroying over the top patriotism just so they could avoid being blacklisted.

Click here to read about tiresome country music artists that sing all about the flag and fighting for one’s country.

Here is The Chick’s new song. You decide if it is pandering. Compare it to Merle Haggard’s ‘Fighting Side of Me’.

PS: maybe we can just listen to crap like this:

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