Parler is an echo chamber of racism

Parler is an echo chamber of racism

It is super hard to be born a white Christian male in today’s world–says oppressed white people. Strangely, these oppressed white people cannot decide whether racism just plain doesn’t exist, or if they are the victims of ‘anti-white’ racism.

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Just look at this chart. That’s right! for the last decade, between 60 and 70 percent of Republicans believe that discrimination against whites is just as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minority groups. That is the MAJORITY of Republicans.

Well, the good news for all these oppressed white people is that there is now a safe place for them. The increasingly popular social media app ‘Parler’ is believed by conservatives to be a safe place where they can just be themselves without fear of censorship.

Signing up for a Parler account is easy enough, although subscribers must provide a phone number. The advantage in that, for conservative pollsters, is that now they have a ready database of conservatives. No more biased anti-Trump polls amirite?

The atmosphere at Parler is rather open. Not only do they suggest several alt-right news providers for users to follow, but Ron Paul welcomed us in a personal message. There also seems to be a lot of pretty young women enjoying Parler, which is great for the large population of alt-right incels that use the app. Keep in mind, however, that this is literally a social media platform that allows a user named ‘Jim Crow’, whose profile picture depicts a noose, post pro-Hitler memes. Is that the God-given constitutional right to free speech that Ron Paul thinks we should hear?

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Ron Paul@ronpaul·1 day ago I’ve spent my adult life fighting for Liberty, and I am excited about this new space where I can openly share my work with special people like you. Parler accepts your right to express your thoughts, opinions and ideals online. No “throttling.” No shadow banning. Just Free Speech—our God-given, Constitutional Right.

Wow! Great. We now have a personal relationship with Ron Paul.

This vampire slayer is an oppressed white person.

Other featured Parler personalities that we are encouraged to follow are Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Kristy Swanson, Mark Levin, Katie Hopkins, Ari Fleischer, Travis Tritt, Michelle Malkin, Devin Nunnes, Rudy Giuliani and various other conservative pundits and celebrities. All of them are encouraging their Twitter followers to join them over on Parler. You would think they were being paid endorsement fees or something.

OH, but the wonderful freedom of uninhibited speech on Parler is the real draw. On Parler, users can proudly proclaim that Covid-19 is a hoax, that Black Lives Matter is a terror organization, that Antifa is coming to get you, that the Mississippi state flag is just lovely, and that Donald Trump will save you from the machinations of the Deep State. After all, Parler is home to real patriots, not the brainwashed leftist degenerates who are ruining America and everything it stands for–like the confederacy, white pride, and low taxes for corporations.


So what does this attempted alt-right #twexit actually mean? If the alt-right plan works, conservatives will move en-mass to Parler where they will be increasingly isolated from the mainstream. They will never hear voices different from their own, and they will be exposed to increased levels of alt-right propaganda. This is a technique of radicalization and it is dangerous because alt-right ideas are dangerous. The population of Parler users are running a school for fascism. You might want to skip out of class.

This video explains the Parler experience in detail.
The irony in this meme was lost on the Parler user who posted it.

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