Want to know why Katie Hopkins was finally banned from Twitter?

Want to know why Katie Hopkins was finally banned from Twitter?

Katie Hopkins is internationally recognized to be a vile person. The only people that appreciate her are the alt-right and the Trump Administration.

Since the Black Lives Matter demonstrations erupted after the murder of George Floyd, Katie has been worse than usual and has gone out of her way to troll black people with hateful comments.

Ashton Hewitt, a British rugby player, tweeted that he believed Hopkins to be toxic. Hopkins replied and it was shocking.

Hopkin’s method is to make racist comments and then argue that what she said is not racist. She also has taken to insisting that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist.

That is hilarious... psssh... what show is this??

Katie Hopkins has made a career out of saying ridiculous things. Her ‘act’ has gone from merely annoying to outright racist and divisive. Some of her Tweets are too vile to cut and paste.

Click here to see the Katie Hopkins hate archive

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Katie Hopkins REALLY hates Meghan Markle. Why do you think that is? Katie has tweeted several side by side pics of Kate and Meghan dressed almost identically, each time suggesting that Meghan does not measure up.

During an interview, rapper Stormzy was asked if he thought there was racism in the U.K., to which Stormzy replied that there was.

Well, Hopkins was having none of this. She started tweeting abuse at Stormzy, telling him to quit crying racism and started alluding to ‘black on black crime’.

“Quit crying racism. Start shouting about the young black lads stabbed by other young black lads in London.

This is utter cowardice from you. So much easier to make All White People the problem.”


It was around then that Twitter finally pulled the plug. Now that Hopkins has been permanently banned from Twitter, she has taken up residence on the new alt-right social media app Parler. On Parler, anything goes and Hopkins has stepped up her hate to the next level.

A dedicated Trump supporter, Hopkins is now able to ‘parler’ directly to other racists with the hashtag #whitelivesmatter.

@realDonaldTrump tweets: The politicians of the U.K. should watch Katie Hopkins of Daily http://Mail.com on @FoxNews. Many people in the U.K. agree with me!
Despite open racism from Katie Hopkins, Trump promotes her.
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