Bears, Bears, and More Bears

Bears, Bears, and More Bears

Every Spring, skinny bears emerge from hibernation. They are super hungry and nothing better get in the way of their next meal.

ECOSYSTEM 101: Bears, Berries and Bees - Sierra Club BC
Bears love berries. They will eat all the berries.
Image may contain: tree, plant and outdoor
We don’t know what these bears are doing, but someone probably started a rumor that there were berries in that tree.
56 Un-Bear-Ably Cute Momma Bears Teaching Their Teddy Bears How To ...
Mama bears are extra hungry because they have a cub or three to feed.
Best friends Four cute Brown Bear cubs (13195839) Framed Prints
Four cubs and they each need a picnic basket twice a day!
Pin on Cute Animals
Bear cubs look cute to trick humans into giving them food. Don’t fall for it.
Video: Bears fight on remote Canada road, wolf watches from a ...
Sometimes bears get a little cranky and territorial over who saw the berry patch first.
Why Bears? -
This bear ate too many berries.
A Bear's Life
Bears climb trees to look for food, to get away from predators, and just for fun.
Grizzly bear
Bears love taking naps.
Bare necessities of grizzlies' diet revealed | Research ...
Bears are really into sashimi. Only the fresh stuff will do.
Living With Bears - Living With Bears
Humans have encroached into bear habitat, so the bears have learned to put up with it. If you see bears on the road, slow down and let them pass.
Wildlife Refuge | Grouse Mountain - The Peak of Vancouver
Many bears enjoy swimming with their friends. This fun couple met on Plenty of Fish.
As bears emerge, Alaskans are encouraged to clean up outside ...
Bears are known for sneaking around human habitats looking for food.
Bears stealing fewer picnic baskets at Yosemite -
They WILL eat your snacks.
Arrowhead Provincial Park staff trap bear caught eating campsite food
They will drink your coffee.
Sometimes I wonder if there is more to life than just eating honey ...
Frankly, they have no shame. This bear is staking out a picnic area waiting for some humans to give him a handout.
When Bears Steal Human Food, Don't Blame Mom - North American Bear ...
These bears want to know what is taking you so long with their breakfast.
Black Bear Steals Dog Food, Naps in Yard | Field & Stream
This bear ate all the cat food and now he has to sleep it off.
Some bears expect service - Picture of Gatlinburg, Sevier County ...
“Maybe there is more to life than just eating and sleeping. First I eat berries, then I nap, then I eat a salmon, then I nap. I saw a human eating a sandwich. Maybe I should try that” said this bear. Probably.
Black bears adapt to life near humans by burning the midnight oil
It is so nice of those humans to leave these tubes of tasty seeds out for me. They should try and put the seeds in something the birds can’t get into, though.
Bear Takes Deer Antlers Hunters Track him Down (true story ...
mmmmm my favorite flavor.
Man Finds Three Bears Casually Climbing Into His Car in Tennessee ...
Quick, get in. We are going to Walmart for some grub.
A Black Bear Steals Bird Food"
Excuse me, human? Were you aware the birds got into my snack bowls?
Takoda the Black Bear Enjoys Cool Bath at Oregon Zoo
The polite thing is to leave out bear tubs on hot days.
Woman rejoices as her bearproof trash cans works | Daily Mail Online
Team work.
Photo Essay: Grizzly Climbs a Tree in Katmai National Park
I think I see some berries over there.
Adorable daredevil bear cubs give their mum huge headache by ...
OK Mom, now what do we do?
Funny Bear looking into House | Animals, Animals beautiful ...
hmmm There seems to be snacks in there. Are those for me?
Grizzly Bear Family Climbing Tree - Lantern Press Photography ...
Family portrait.
Breaking & Entering | Brekkie Bears
OMG is that a strawberry shortcake in there? How did they know that strawberries are my favorite!
420 Scratching your back on some random thing – 1000 Awesome Things
Ahhhhhh! This tree soothes my itchy back.

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