Trump Seems Upset. Is Trump Upset?

Trump Seems Upset. Is Trump Upset?

You mad bro?

Despite the attempts of his handlers to hide Trump’s mobile device, he still managed to log into Twitter. The results are sort of disturbing and funny. Funny in a disturbing sort of way. Does no one care for this poor gentleman’s mental health? Doesn’t the President of the United States have a team of physicians standing by to take care of his health needs?

Umm… what? Someone is harassing the POTUS? Who is harassing the POTUS?

Why does Trump believe that people are harassing him? WHO does trump believe are harassing him?

Oh is it VOTERS that are harassing Trump? By voting for someone other than him? Wow, what a terrible time Trump has faced. It must be hard to learn that people don’t really like him.
OHHH foreign countries are harassing Trump? Mysterious ‘others’ are harassing Trump? Pretty sure the GOP willingness to prop up Trump at any cost is the scandal of our times…
OHHH maybe it is the flag burners that are harassing Trump. How dare people desecrate the American flag!!
Half and Half Confederate Flag – Rebel Nation
What about her? Does she need to go to jail for a year?
Pin on Tattoo
Is this a desecration of the American flag?
Watchmen creator Damon Lindelof on Trump in Tulsa, masks, and who ...
What about this? Is this desecration of the American flag? Is it harassment? America is harassed just by the fact a picture like this exists. The WORLD is harassed by this image. FineFit Men's Novelty Fun Crew Socks for Dress or ...
These desecrated American flag socks should be illegal. Any Trump supporter wearing them should go to jail for 2 years. Anyone wearing these socks ironically should go to jail for 3 years. Make the industrial prison complex great again!
Oh really? Is that so? What kind of setback will a Republican win in 2020 mean for African Americans? The return of Jim Crow laws? A permanent redesign of the American flag to include an image of Trump and the stars and bars? Confederate monuments on every corner? Good thing Trump has absolutely no chance of remaining President.
The women who have accused Donald Trump
Go ahead and ask these women what they think about all the harassment that Trump claims to be receiving.

Poor, poor Trump. He will get through this disaster he has made of his life. Soon we will forget all about him.

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