The Post-Tulsa World is Looking Just Fine

The Post-Tulsa World is Looking Just Fine

Something happened this past weekend that changed everything. That something was the pitiful turnout to the kickoff to Trump’s re-election campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Frankly, the entire world expected more.

For weeks, tensions surrounding Trump’s Tulsa Rally intensified. This was supposed to be Trump’s Nuremberg Rally. They told us that a million people were coming. They told us that Black Lives Matter protesters would be dealt with severely. ‘Law and Order’ were to be upheld. They scheduled it during Juneteenth weekend, on the 99th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre when a lynch mob razed a prosperous black community. They were all supposed to be coming. All of Trump’s deplorable base. The Klan, the Proud Boys, random White Nationalists for Trump. Dog whistle after racist dog whistle was sent out directly from the Oval Office and over social media. Violence was expected. Civil War might have been sparked. At the very least, a million people were going to mingle in close quarters during a global pandemic

Trump's Tulsa rally was marred by surprisingly low turnout - Vox
The Tulsa Trump Rally had plenty of open seats

Then suddenly, no one came.

Well, Trump and his entourage came. A fair amount of peaceful anti-Trump and Black Lives Matters protesters came. The Tulsa police came. Apparently, the Oklahoma National Guard came. The international media came.

The Trump supporters did NOT show up.

Okay, okay. Apparently, just under 6,200 Trump supporters appeared wearing their MAGA gear and waving their flags. Considering the hype, that was quite the disappointment for the Trump campaign. Despite doing their best to try and burn Tulsa down last Saturday Night, it just didn’t happen.

This is a good thing. Good for America and good for the world. The world honestly thought that something horrific was about to happen, but it didn’t. The greatest thing that happened this weekend was that Trump and his Administration were finally revealed to be the incompetent fools that they are.

These self-important amateurs are not launching a populist movement that will destroy America. Trump is having an affair with himself if he believes he is some sort of proto-Nazi dictator on the eve of his rise to greatness. It is more like this whole gang of would be social engineers are badly role-playing their way through a four year long Fourth Reich LARP.

The MAGA supporters that stayed home didn’t even miss anything. The show that Trump and his team produced was lackluster and there are countless photos of attendees yawning or sleeping while Trump rambled on. Seriously. Trump’s speech was a disaster. Who wrote that? Was it the same patriot that plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech for Melania in 2016? Remember? The one where she Rick-rolled us?

Oh, he let us down all right…

Trump’s 105 minute speech revealed that there is no competently sinister plan to destroy America. There is no agenda beyond stroking Trump’s ego and allowing him to throw tantrums that have had global consequences. Well OK, there is that conservative judge thing that many Republicans want so bad they were willing to hold their noses and vote for Trump in 2016. How is that working out?

Defying all reason, Trump spent 10 minutes complaining about the fake news media and other bad people making fun of him. That ramp at Westpoint was steep and slippery! His shoes had leather bottoms! He couldn’t fall with the fake news watching! There was no handrail! The ramp is like a skating rink! He can drink water with one hand! He doesn’t want to drip water on his tie! He had to salute 600 times! He can throw away a glass instead of setting it down like a normal person would.

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Trump’s biggest fans couldn’t take anymore excitement.

Other portions of the speech lacked substance and accuracy.

He told us that Biden apologized for doubting Trump’s decision the ban travel from China.

he referred to Covid-19 as ‘Kung Flu’.

He claimed that Obama’s VA Choice program was his.

He said Oklahoma’s Covid-19 cases are declining when they are rising.

He went on and on about how excited the Westpoint graduates were to see him. He even shook their hands, Covid be damned.

He talked about putting people who burn the flag in jail and how he is waiting for the call to solve that Seattle problem.

He accused Ilhan Omar of trying to bring Somalian style anarchy to America, because, you know, that is where she comes from.

Blah blah blah Trump went on and on with his invective vitriol while the crowd yawned. The world looked on in horror at the man behind the curtain. The mentally ill, would-be Emperor of America was revealed to have no clothes. Everyone laughed.

But then, there was fresh horror. The kind of horror where we should expect brand new impeachment proceedings–or at least we better.

President Donald J. Trump admitted to the world that he had been shutting down Covid-19 testing because all the sick people, all the dead people, were making him look bad. Believing that positive Covid-19 test results lead only to a record of high infection rates, Trump thought it best to make sure no records would be available. He didn’t just admit it, he bragged about it. The man is a sociopath.

Even with barriers to testing, the USA has more cases than anywhere else in the world.

On Sunday, the White House claimed that Trump was just joking about instructing his Administration to slow down testing. The cat is out of the bag, however, and the horse is already out of the barn. It is too late to backpedal out of this. Not even a conservative judge will save him now.

That is the good news. Not only have Trump’s supporters deserted him, but now the whole world knows there is nothing to fear from this buffoon and his racist rhetoric. There isn’t going to be a race war. There will be no civil war. Trump may have to be removed from office in handcuffs, but the American people will prevail.

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