Trump’s Platform is Racism

Trump’s Platform is Racism

Fourth Reich Fuhrer wannabe Donald Trump, current President of the United States, is doing his best to stir up trouble in Tulsa. Division and strife is the way Trump operates, and the kick-off for his re-election campaign has been no different. Even the venue is an unsubtle reminder that Trump is running on a platform of racism.


Why did the Trump Campaign choose Tulsa? Keep in mind that symbols are important. They convey messages. Tulsa would be fine choice in another political climate. Imagine a triumphant black President holding a rally in Tulsa, the site of a racially motivated massacre in 1921 where whites felt emboldened to murder as many as 300 black Americans in a single event. It would be a symbol of progress, change, and dignity.

That isn’t why Trump and his campaign are visiting Tulsa this weekend, the 99th anniversary of that massacre. The 99th anniversary of an atrocity where the City of Tulsa conspired with a lynch mob to destroy a prosperous black neighborhood.

Click here to read the 2001 official Oklahoma report on the ‘Tulsa Race Riot of 1921’.

Instead, Trump and his campaign are headed to Tulsa to revel in the growing backlash against civil rights for black Americans. Trump and his allies have been increasing their daily vitriol against black lives matter demonstrations and the people that are calling attention to systemic racism. The same President that claims he has done more for the black community than any President before him is openly inviting chaos to a city that that is already struggling with a rising embrace of racist attitudes.


Earlier this month, several Tulsa citizens were mowed down by a pickup truck. They were peacefully protesting the murder of George Floyd as well as commemorating the anniversary of the 1921 massacre.

“He put his gun on the dashboard of his car and told everyone, ‘You get out of my way,’” Gill said.

At least two people were taken to the hospital with what law enforcement is describing as “minor injuries.”

The driver was not initially stopped at the scene by law enforcement, but Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokeswoman Sara Stewart said state troopers later stopped the truck and were questioning the driver, according to Tulsa World.

“The fact that they let him go is a microcosm of what we have been going through,” Gill said.

Stewart said troopers met the driver at a different location to get him away from the “agitated” protesters. She says the incident still remains under investigation.

The Black Wall Street Times
Truck drives through peaceful protesters in Tulsa.

Community leaders are genuinely worried that the presence of tens of thousands of supporters for Trump’s MAGA rally could lead to violence. This is because the MAGA rally is taking place in the same vicinity as the local Juneteenth celebrations, which mark the end of slavery in the United States. As well, there is an anti-hate rally planned for Saturday night. The concern is that Trump supporters and civil rights demonstrators will be present in the streets at the same time.

The Trump Campaign knows this and Trump has spent most of the last 24 hours inciting his base.

In this tweet, Trump equates protesters with looters and lowlifes, and warns they will be dealt with harshly. This was coupled with two horrifying videos posted on Thursday night that explicitly explain that racism does not exist in America and that news media and people of color are lying about racist incidences. The videos were so outrageous that Twitter posted a warning that they had been manipulated.
At the same time that Trump insists that racism does not exist in America, he worries his base that they are about to lose their own civil rights and that Democrats are the ones that will be taking these civil rights away.
Trump’s endorsement of police brutality is serving to incite his supporters and the protesters.

Whatever happens on Saturday night in Tulsa, which hopefully will be nothing, keep in mind that Trump went there to stir up trouble. He is fully aware that tensions are high, and he likes it. It is what he wants.


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