Trumpgate meets Gaetzgate

Trumpgate meets Gaetzgate

Trump and Gaetz are quite the pair. The ridiculous mentor/mentee duo do everything they can to cause drama. Together they are the perfect storm of Trumpgate meets Gaetzgate.

The latest saga started Thursday when Representative Cedric Richmond spoke about his experience as a black man and he suggested that his white colleagues had never walked in his shoes. He didn’t want them to get distracted in side debates on police reform–like whether Antifa should be designated as a terrorist organization or not. Richmond just wanted his colleagues to focus on black people being killed by police and to stop the filibustering.

Well, Matt Gaetz wasn’t having that and began to yell at Richmond for suggesting that he, a white man, did not know what it was like to be a black man or have black kids, or something like that.

Matt Gaetz is VERY OFFENDED that Cedric Richmond had assumed that his children were white. Karen-level offended.

Social media exploded to make fun, not only at Matt Gaetz’s white fragility, but also at a white, unmarried man, with no known children, complaining that someone suggested his kids were white. “Who do you think you are?!” roared Gaetz as he slammed his desk. After stewing for some time in anger, Gaetz took to Twitter to set the record straight.

Don’t you DARE assume my kid is white!, barked Matt Gaetz.

Well, it turns out that Matt Gaetz has a son named Nestor. An immigrant son from Cuba. That’s great. Why haven’t we heard about this kid before? How does this fit into Gaetz’s anti-immigration narrative? Why is this young man being introduced to the world today? Isn’t it kind of embarrassing that Gaetz is suggesting that his relationship with Nestor means that he can speak for black people? No matter what, though, we are not going to fall into the trap of measuring how much melanin Nestor has, because that is just obscene on every level.

We know that Nestor is not actually Gaetz’s son. He is the younger brother of an ex-girlfriend. Nestor’s mom died from breast cancer and the Gaetz family have taken him in. It is cool if Gaetz has taken on the role of Nestor’s father. Nestor’s ethnicity, however, does not relieve Gaetz of being a jerk. Being the foster parent to a Cuban immigrant does not absolve Matt Gaetz for actively attempting to suppress civil rights for black Americans.

No, Karen, there is no such thing as “reverse racism”

Matt Gaetz has a serious problem with admitting that black lives matter. Not only can he not say that black lives matter, but he insists that other people shouldn’t say it either. Gaetz thinks it is racist to consider the oppression of black Americans because that would mean oppressing whites. Or something.

Is this not an embarrassment? The whole world is watching these debates. The whole world is watching the United States of America stumble and fall. Why can’t Matt Gaetz say that black lives matter?

So, this is now the level of discourse in race relations? Black people are oppressing whites? Black people need to stop assuming they are the only ones that have ‘non-white’ children? Black people need to stop saying that their kids are in danger because white parents know all about these issues? I SWEAR I turned the light off. Why is the light on?

Who are these terrible people?

Enter Trump. He could have just kept his nose out of it, but no. He had to double down on the gaslighting. Just as we all flipped that switch off and tried to make our way to bed, Trump dropped a couple bizarre videos that lit up the web like a uranium tipped super duper missile. Fortunately, we can’t see his Tweets anymore because they have been judged a danger to the public.

Trump Administration.

Remember. Trump is only still sitting in the Oval office because the GOP Senators voted against impeachment. He is only still tweeting racist propaganda because the people in his Administration are protecting him. His entire Presidency has been a nightmare and a destruction of American values, and every person that assists Trump in remaining president is complicit.

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