Matt Gaetz is a tool

Matt Gaetz is a tool

There has never been a member of congress that has been more of a clown than Rep. Matt Gaetz. He trivializes Covid-19, promotes racist attitudes, introduces ridiculous legislation, and acts like a dumbass. Matt Gaetz is a tool.

Here is Matt thinking he is really funny. He is wearing a gas mask to vote on the coronavirus emergency funding bill. He was whipped into voting for the Bill, but claimed he didn’t feel good about it.
Nearly 120,000 Americans have now died, is the gas mask still funny? Have race relations in America improved yet?

Matt Gaetz has been a tool on civil rights, immigration, and human trafficking. Human trafficking!? Yeah, Matt Gaetz was the only person to vote against the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act. Why? He thought it was too much bureaucracy. What a tool.

“If anything, we should be abolishing a lot of the agencies at the federal level like the Department of Education, like the EPA and sending that power back to our state governments,” Gaetz said. HMM how about abolishing ICE? Matt isn’t in the least bit concerned for his secret son that he refers to as his ‘helper’?

Eager to get some anti-immigration legislation passed, Gaetz’s Pandemic Act was all about deporting illegal aliens during the pandemic. The same pandemic that he didn’t actually believe was real. Oh come on. Is this about all those refugees being held in camps at the border?

There are over 52,000 migrant refugees being held in detention camps on the U.S. border. Gaetz wants to use the global pandemic to deport all of them.

Click here to read about how the U.S. has detained refugees in for profit camps on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Then there is Gaetz’s NO PORK Act. Still feeling uncomfortable about all the spending on Coronavirus funding, Gaetz wants to slash the pork spent on assisting migrants and refugees and instead transfer the funding to Border protection and ICE (is that code for the wall?):

A BILL: To rescind the appropriation made for migration and refugee assistance in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and redirect the funds to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Matt Gaetz anti-immigration bill

Are you convinced that Gaetz is a tool yet? If not, maybe consider this:

That’s right, in the middle of a contentious national discussion on systemic racism in America, Matt Gaetz is actively criticizing athletes who kneel to protest excessive and disproportionate police brutality toward black Americans. What a tool!

Seeking even more attention, Gaetz proved he was the ultimate tool by exposing Nestor the page/helper/son to the horrors of internet bullying. Poor Nestor will now suffer abuse for years, all because Gaetz needed to prove the point that people shouldn’t assume his kids are white.


When will this nightmare end?

It gets worse! Click here to read about allegations of sex trafficking against Matt Gaetz


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