Trump, Bolton, Lizards, and Stunning Incompetence

Trump, Bolton, Lizards, and Stunning Incompetence

Remember when they used to say that something hadn’t happened until it was officially denied–or something like that? If we apply this maxim to the DOJ attempting to sue John Bolton for publishing, it gives the impression that whatever is in that book is the gospel truth and that the Trump Administration and Trump himself are extremely worried.

Who Are The Reptilians, And What Do They Want With The Human Race ...
Sometimes, when the Matrix glitches, you can catch a glimpse of Lizzy’s reptilian scales.

People write crazy books all the time, even well read popular books that are so batshit crazy that you can’t believe that anyone would read them. Like, have you heard that the Queen of England is an alien lizard? 12 million Americans believe she is. Does Her Majesty complain about this? No. She says nothing. Imagine if she started screaming that she was NOT a member of the Illuminati that activated her Reptilian DNA while participating in a scary ritual. I mean, we would maybe start to suspect something is up.

Click Here to see the entire list of alleged Reptilian Overlords.

Reptilian Trump Painting by Patrick Lee | Saatchi Art
Don’t tell the Qanon people, but there is a competing theory that President Trump has activated his Reptilian DNA. Or maybe DO tell them. Pick a strategy that you think may work.

Back to the topic at hand–If the entire Trump Administration had simply rolled their eyes and said something like “I don’t know what room Bolton was in, but it wasn’t the same room we were in”, Trump’s base would have believed them.

We can imagine Hannity dedicating two full episodes to a discussion of how Bolton has descended into madness. Dr Drew could make an appearance and talk about the occurrence of late onset schizophrenia in high level bureaucrats.

Ingraham’s Angle will be a full hour of the usual parade of sycophantic pundits insisting that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing and more infectious than Covid19.

Tucker, of course, good ole Tucker will ignore Bolton altogether and instead feature some story about how the Aliens haven’t taken over Earth yet because they understand that even interstellar immigration is bad.

But no! No, our watching FOX News for entertainment plans are all in disarray because Trump has ADMITTED that what Bolton says is true. “Those conversations were CLASSIFIED!” exclaims Trump. Frankly, Bolton’s account of his time with Trump is so outrageous that anyone might give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Is Trump REALLY this terrible? Is he really this “stunningly unaware” of global politics and American values? It beggars belief, but here we are.

Bolton describes that Trump was unaware that that the UK had nuclear weapons. Apparently, this gem was revealed while Trump was lecturing Theresa May about the dangers of nuclear weapons, and the revelation is disturbing considering that Trump has withdrawn from three arms control treaties.

Have you heard about Trump’s new ‘Super Duper’ missile? If you have, it is likely you read about it in the foreign press or in Popular Mechanics because U.S. media has been vague and light on the topic.

“We’re building right now incredible military equipment. We have, I call it the Super Duper Missile, and I heard the other night 17 times faster than what they have right now, when you take the fastest missile we have right now. You’ve heard Russia has five times and China’s working on five or six times, we have one 17 times and it’s just gotten the go ahead.”

President Trump

Wow. Sounds fast.

China? Oh yes, when Trump is not militarizing against China, he is, according to Bolton, begging them to buy wheat and soybeans so that he will win the next election. That’s pretty nervy. It gets worse. It always gets worse when discussing Trump. Why is that?

Bolton claims that Trump told Xi that Americans were willing to repeal the two-term constitutional limit for him. Seriously. Apparently Xi was pleased with this idea because he wanted the opportunity to continue working with Trump. I bet he does! Trump is so pliable and unlike other American Presidents. Trump, apparently, does not care about civil rights abuses and told Xi it was just fine to keep Uighur Muslims in internment camps.

The US Senate doesn’t agree that interment camps are ok and have approved the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 that will allow for sanctions against China. Trump signed that bill, but based on everything else we are hearing, should we assume that Trump will use the bill as leverage to get China to buy those soybeans and wheat? Forget the human rights abuses, Trump has an election to win!

Then there is Venezuela. We should probably start calling it Venezuelagate. Bolton claims that Trump thought it would be “cool” to invade because Venezuela is really just a part of the U.S. Can somebody please sit Trump down and force him to read grade school geography? Does anyone have a globe this manchild can borrow? Invading countries is never “cool” and it is especially not “cool” to invade a part of your own country. No wonder Trump is screaming on Twitter that he wants to invade Seattle. He thinks a President can just do that.

Please. Someone assure the entire world that Trump does not really have the nuclear codes. Tell us that biscuit in his pocket has fake codes and that some calm and dutiful General is holding the real codes. Please.

Remember. Trump isn’t running this show himself. He is completely surrounded by a team of administrators and complicit senators that continue to let Trump do his thing. They see his behavior everyday and they say and do nothing. It is a sad state of affairs that John Bolton is the whistleblower.

JoHn Bolton dOesn't Like you But i do. I'm in love with you ...
Trump always picks the winners.

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