Trump is the Weakest President

Trump is the Weakest President

Very weak President Trump is a disaster. Sad. He said that he would make America great, again, but he failed miserably. #WeakPresident #Coronavirus #Trumpwearsadultdiapers

–or something like that.


Trump does not deserve a second term. If he is re-elected, it might be the end of America as everyone knows it. Is that what people really want? It is time for conservatives to clean up this mess they made.

Sources are claiming that the Trump Campaign is hiring people of color to act like Trump supporters at the RNC in Tulsa. Is this a new low? Is it routine? Will anyone actually show up to be paid minimum wage and a dose of Covid-19? By all accounts, the fact that this shitshow of a convention is going forward is obscene. It is not like there is a plan to have anyone challenge Trump, so why do they need to go through the whole rigmarole? Just have a giant Zoom meeting and call it a day.

Community service? Really? REALLY?

We just hope this is fake news, because it is so ridiculous. Just like we hope that some Republican will declare themselves as a challenge to Trump. Is there NO Republican out there that thinks they could do better than Trump? Is there not a single person in the whole of the Republican party that thinks “hey, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I may never get a chance to break into the oligarchy ever again. What have I got to lose?”



Well, okay, there were a few people that threw their hat in, but they were quickly crushed. The Republican Party is firmly behind Trump, come what may.

The sad thing is that Republicans and other conservatives do not all agree with their party. There are plenty of them that despise Trump, but why do they do nothing? Why are they forcing Democrats, Bernie Bros, independents, and anarchists (gasp) to do all the heavy lifting to clean up the Republican party?


Some Republicans have referred to the Trump nightmare as a “cancer” that is infecting the party. They don’t want to be associated with Trump’s racist policies. They do not want out of control police killing unarmed black men. They don’t want Trump’s trade wars or protectionism to ruin the economy. They want to be safe from Covid-19. They hate Trump’s ‘poke the bear’ tactics.

“I think the last three to six weeks have been a turning point. We can always fight over the issues. But we need to cut out the cancer that is infecting the body politic of America. We’ll support Biden not because we agree with him on issues, but he’s a decent, kind, sane man. I’ve considered myself a Republican since I was 13. We’re not at home in our party. We’re not Democrats. We don’t have anywhere to go.”

Tom and Linda Rawles

Some Republicans have made a stand and organized a group called Republican Voters Against Trump. We need to hear more from these dissatisfied citizens. The existence of this group is proof that not all conservatives are Trump sycophants. They have chosen to support Biden in November, which is interesting. Although many of them voted for Trump the first time, they are willing to vote Democrat just to get rid of Trump.

“I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I’d vote for Donald Trump again.”

A Republican Voter Against Trump

What is important to understand here is that these are not Republicans converting to Democrat. They are not looking to embrace ‘liberal’ public policy. They still want conservative judges, conservative fiscal policy, conservative social policy. They are conservatives. They will remain conservatives. It is simply that they recognize that Trump and his behavior is worse for the nation than a Democrat President would be. Their beef with Trump is clear:

They are disgusted by the Trump Administration.

They are upset about the rising national debt.

They dislike his immigration policy.

They believe Trump has debased the office of the President

They believe that Trump is destroying the Republican party and they are correct. Trump is destroying the party and he is doing his best to destroy America. There is every reason to believe that the Republican party will not survive Trump. The United States of America might not survive Trump. This is because nations rarely survive populist movements, regardless if the populism comes from the left or the right.


Populist movements are revolutionary in nature and the goal is to destroy what exists and create something new. Since the root of populism is revolution, that means the plan is to wrest control of the nation away from the institutions that it is grounded within. Like democracy, for example. The Trump Administration does not seem to care for things like democracy. That is what talking points referring to ‘drain the swamp’, ‘the silent majority’, and ‘the political elite’ are about.


Americans are being told there is something wrong with the Media (its fake), the FBI (its corrupt), the Democrats (they are radical leftist terrorists and extremists), the Democratic party (their ideology is dangerous), people of color (they are radicals, inferior, and tend to be Democrats), immigrants (they are rapists and murderers from shithole countries). It goes on and on to pit the supposed ‘real Americans’, the ‘patriots’ against the unpatriotic radical mob?

How long before the right-wing death squads start operating? That tends to be what comes next in these situations.

Trump made this declaration on the day that 500 Alt-right and white nationalist activists decided to hold a demonstration in Portland. Trump decided it was the people protesting against white supremacy that were the terrorists.

Trump isn’t doing all of this alone, however. He wouldn’t be able to do it alone. He has help from an administration with an agenda, and the Republican Senators and others that continue to prop up this disaster of an administration. The people that are complicit with Trump’s brand of fascist populism should (and do) know better, but for some reason they continue to assist in the destruction of the United States.

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These guys could end the nightmare today, but they won’t. Why won’t they?


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