Obama is better than Trump

Obama is better than Trump

Happy Obama Appreciation Day to the BEST President in History. EVERYONE loves Obama best, and we know this for sure because the memes are never wrong.

Even Melania prefers Obama.
Trump Blames OBAMA Over Russian Election Meddling - Daily Candid News
Bad President Trump breaks everything he touches and then blames others.
Looking at you, Trumpers. Image by... - Occupy Democrats | Facebook
Just one example of how Trump broke America.
Sort of funny in a George Orwell sort of way.
 Trump jokes Trump memes
Oh its way worse than this. Way worse. Descending into civil war worse. Balkanization of the United States worse. How does one loser manage to create such chaos?
Donald Loves to hangout with President Obama | Donald Trump | Know ...
It’s true. Melania told us all about it. So did Marla and Ivana.
 Memes Funny Memes Trump memes
We all know WHY Trump must constantly brag about his penis.
Obama Day June 14th 2020 - Imgur
Forget Trump, though. He is a lame duck hiding in a bunker because he has been trying to burn America down with his willful incompetence.

Obama really is the best!

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