It’s Obama Appreciation Day!!

It’s Obama Appreciation Day!!

The citizens of Earth have declared June 14th to be OBAMA APPRECIATION DAY! Never has there been a more terrific President of the United States of America. He is so handsome, so intelligent, so sane, so tall, and his hands are enormous. Why can’t Obama be President for Life!

Look at Obama Tweet constructive and positive things that give us hope for the future!
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What a handsome President! Many people do not know this, but Obama was unanimously voted the best looking President in the history of the world.
Rebuild Foundation on Twitter: "As we celebrate Valentine's Day ...
Obama loves the best first lady there ever was, and she loves him right back. They never needed a pre-nup and never will.
He Was Cool Like That | Madison365
Look at this sexy President. Obama is the sexiest President in history.
Yo, that's so 'Obama': President's name means 'cool' in new slang ...
Obama has never had to grab anyone by the pussy. He respects women and they respect him back.
Where Is Barack Obama?
Look at the massive hands. Obama has larger hands than any President in history.
Barack Obama Lands On Hot R&B Chart With 'Hamilton' Collab ...
President Obama is a very likable man. People like him. They enjoy his company.
Barack Obama in Oslo in December 2009, receiving his Noble Peace Prize
Look at President Obama win the Nobel Peace Price. Only the BEST Presidents win a Nobel.
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Prince Harry was happy to spend time with Obama.
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President Obama has thick and luxurious REAL hair.
President Obama takes 'victory lap' at global development summit ...
President Obama was always happy to take questions from reporters.
This Is The Most Unforgettable Day Of My Career | WVXU
Look at that crowd! Obama had the biggest inauguration crowd in the history of the world.
Mike Oldham's Virtual Pen: Battle of the beefcake
Obama is the ONLY President that has ever looked good shirtless.
2012 Presidential Election: Political Reactions - ABC News
Actually deserved a second term because he is sane.
Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone - The New York Times
Best President in history is working on President stuff and NOT staying up all night Tweeting insults.
Barack Obama Is Dumb and Lazy – Mother Jones
President Obama didn’t destroy the global economy with protectionism and trade wars.
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Happy Obama Day - June 14 | Barack Obama | Know Your Meme

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