Trump is making America Ugly

Trump is making America Ugly

Each day of the Trump Presidency is worse than the last. Donald Trump, who claims to be the least racist person in the world, is bringing out the worst in people. The racists are not afraid anymore, and that is not okay.

There is no question that Trump is a racist. His words and Tweets show us who he really is. Trump has made so many racist comments that it is difficult to keep track of them. In just 3 1/2 years, Trump has normalized racist behavior.

Click here to read about Trump’s long history of racism.

It has been suggested that the reason why many Trump supporters tolerate his compulsive lying is because Trump confirms what they want to hear. They want their views on immigrants and people of color to be validated. More importantly, they want someone that is willing to cast political correctness aside, and come right out and say the things they want to hear.

Click here to read an academic paper about how 2016 Trump voters were motivated by racist resentment and anti-immigrant sentiment.

As it turns out, a lot of people want their racist attitudes validated. After Trump sent bigoted Tweets suggesting that four members of Congress should go back to their own countries, his popularity with Republican voters rose by 5%. Just think about that. There are people out there that approve of Trump inciting hatred. Make sure to vote so this monster does not get a second term.

Check out these examples:

“Even the President says you are a rapist” claims this unhinged woman.
This woman is a TEACHER. She teaches children. Is she teaching them racism?
This horrible woman can’t tolerate people working out in the park.
Horrible woman is wandering around California screaming at people. Why does she feel so bold?
Nobody needs to hear Buddy complain about how every disease comes from China.

People are attacking Asian Americans because they believe they are spreading Covid-19. This is likely because Trump has been calling Covid-19 the ‘China Virus’.
Another racist Buddy screaming at people to speak American and calling them illegal.

Make America great again by making racism unfashionable.

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