Who are these terrible people?

Who are these terrible people?

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This is a binary situation. You either believe that Black Lives Matter or you don’t. The shocking number of people that are willing to stand up for racism is horrifying. We are not talking about people thinking bad thoughts and hiding their ideas anymore. We are witnessing people coming out from whatever rock they’ve been hiding under and proclaiming that, in their opinion, no, black lives do not matter. Amazingly, they do not care who hears them. It is shocking, horrifying, unbelievably disgusting, and outrageous. We have descended into barbarism.

It has taken Trump and his handlers a mere 3 1/2 years to burn it all down. They seem to be doing it on purpose because nobody would have expected the apocalyptic scene that is unfolding before our eyes. Each day brings a new horror.

From barbarism to Civilization requires a century; from civilization to barbarism needs but a day.

Will Durant

The emotionally needy President of the United States is incompetent, narcissistic, and sociopathic. There is an uncontrolled public health emergency is deepening and will soon be completely out of control because of incompetence and malfeasance. In a few months, Covid-19 has killed over 111,000 people while disproportionately attacking the most vulnerable populations. The scourge of institutionalized racism and excessive police brutality toward black people has become increasingly visible. Calls for systemic change have been met by Nazis and other white supremacists openly declaring their values without the slightest embarrassment or fear. These racists and bigots are being encouraged from the White House, and that alone has emboldened deplorable groups and individuals to raise their voices as well as the level of civil unrest.

Who are these deplorable people and what are they doing?

Tucker Carlson might be the ring leader. Every night his broadcast becomes worse. Last night he warned the mob (by which he means blacks) are coming for white people. Tonight he is complaining about Sesame Street puppets teaching children to reject racism. He again throws in a warning that these dangerous liberals are coming for you.
This jackbooted senior advisor to Trump has been revealed as a White Nationalist and literally no one in the government appears to care. Even the media is not pushing this story enough.

He has emails though. Lots and lots of emails directing Breitbart News to stir up White Nationalist sentiment.

What is he doing today? Today, Stephen Miller, advocate and supporter of white nationalism, is writing the Presidential Speech on race relations. Won’t that be great? We are sure this speech will calm things right down.

This is Martin Gugino. He is the 75 year old man that was violently shoved to the ground by police in Buffalo—for no reason. We saw the cop push this man so that he fell backwards and cracked his skull on the pavement. We saw it with our own eyes. First the cops said he “tripped and fell”, but that didn’t happen. WE SAW WHAT HAPPENED. So two cops were suspended. Good. The other cops thought that was outrageous though, and 57 of them quit their duties in solidarity with the cops that had assaulted Gugino.

You know what Trump said about it? Trump claimed on Twitter that that Gugino was an ‘Antifa provocateur’ and had staged his injury to smear the cops. Does Stephen Miller whisper these ideas to Trump? Where does he get them?

Trump needs meds, and we don’t mean hydroxychloroquine.
Look at this guy. He was all set up so when the Black Lives Matter protesters marched past, they would see him re-enacting the scene of George Floyd’s death. What kind of sociopath does something like that? Obviously, the kind that votes for Trump. One guy worked in corrections and the other for FedEx. Both are now suspended.
This terrible President for the Fraternal Order of Police decided that he would publicly offer jobs to the cops who who were either brutalizing, or endorsing brutalizing citizens. The Atlanta 6? They broke the windows of a car stopped in traffic, dragged out the occupants and tased and beat them. It is not really clear why.

Katie Hopkins is doing her best to normalize racist rhetoric. She has always been a horror, but these days she is going the extra mile:

Katie doesn’t want any statues of rabid racists torn down or any racist jerks to lose their jobs. Like Tucker Carlson, she is spreading the idea that black people are going to hurt white people. White people will be scalped!–according to Katie.
Or how about this? Fox is just not ‘conservative’ enough for Katie and her crowd.

Look at these random tweets just floating around out there:

I think you probably are a racist. No one has asked anyone to apologize for being white. They asked white people to stop oppressing them.
Just look at those hashtags!
Meme Center : Azkani Posts
Your institutionalized racism is spreading all over social media and we can’t take it any more. Clean your shit up!
Trump Barrels Into 2020 Campaign, Emboldened After Acquittal

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