Why so militant?

Why so militant?

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This blog project was started days before the pandemic started. Zan and I were going to talk about happy things like gardening, period dramas, and travelling. We wanted to discuss current events and making the world a better place. There was a plan to connect people with useful information they could trust. We were going to have fun. Then, the Apocalypse started.

People started getting sick with Covid-19. The vulnerable were dying from a new virus that nobody knew about. Governments around the world worried that they would not have enough medical resources to take care of the sick. They were right, too, because we saw countries like Italy and Ecuador struggle with the number of dead that required burial. In New York, the dead were being stored in refrigerator trucks and many were buried in mass graves on Hart Island. The United States has lost over 110,000 people to Covid-19, and Brazil has now stopped publishing the numbers of their dead. These are trying times and it will get worse before it gets better.

Throughout it all, we have witnessed governments blunder, economies stagnate, the moral failure of those willing to sacrifice grandmas for the economy, disruptions in the food supply, disruptions in the drug supply, mass unemployment, long term care residents abandoned to die in their own filth, snakeoil remedies, accidental bleach and Lysol poisonings, heavily armed white protesters demanding to go for haircuts, mixed messages from the White House, and an uncontrolled rise in the number of infections. It has been a wild three months, hasn’t it.

Then, it got worse. We saw a retired cop, his son, and a neighbor chase down a black man who was out for a jog and shoot him to death. Later it was revealed they hit him with their car, too. Why? Apparently they thought he might have been a burglar. It took nearly a month to charge the men with murder, which happened only after the prosecutor recused himself. The recusal came with an impassioned argument that Ahmaud Arbery had possibly shot himself. Really?

Then the police shot Breonna Taylor to death, in the middle of the night, in her own home. Police had a no knock warrant because a suspected drug dealer had been to her apartment.

Twitter exploded when yet another white person called 911 on a black guy for no reason. Making matters worse, she falsely claimed to the 911 operator that a black man was threatening her life, when really, all he did was ask her to leash her dog. Everyone knows that if the police came to the scene, the black man might have ended up dead.

Then came the final straw. We saw a white police officer kneel on a black man’s neck until he was dead. The whole world has now seen this horrible snuff video where a nonchalant cop knelt on George Floyd who gasped he couldn’t breathe and called out for his Mama. For nearly nine minutes, his killer smugly gazed directly at the crowd of onlookers that were begging him to get off the man’s neck and back. Pleading to let George Floyd live. Additional pictures of the event showed that three cops had actually knelt on George Floyd, all at once. It is no wonder that he couldn’t breathe. When the initial autopsy was released, the medical examiner claimed that George Floyd had died due to complications from heart disease and definitely not asphyxiation.

Police had retreated before the Precinct was burned and the crowd knew that. That building probably had asbestos in it, anyway.

People were outraged and took to the streets in protest. They were done with the systemic racism perpetrated by the Minneapolis police force and they wanted the world to know. The police backlash against the protesters was severe. Outrageous tactics came to light as militarized police were caught slashing the tires of protesters and journalists. An undercover Minneapolis police officer was caught breaking windows with a hammer. President Trump Tweeted insults at the Mayor of Minneapolis for being weak and a Democrat. Threatening that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, Trump invoked a dog whistle warning used against black civil rights protesters in the 1960s. In a horrifying scene of cathartic rage, rioters responded by burning the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct to the ground.

The protests began to spread across the US and across the world. For more than a week, the crowds only get larger, despite the use of tear gas and other chemical deterrents, flash bang grenades, rubber bullets, real bullets, beatings, and the presence of White Nationalists and other white supremacist groups looking to cause trouble. Each time a cop tramples a protester with a horse, each time the cops shove an old man to the ground, each time a KKK member mows down protesters with their car, and each time the cops beat the crap out of protesters, the crowds only get angrier and larger. Due to advances in technology, this could be the first time that people truly see how many cops are acting. They are seeing the rise of a fascist military police state with their own eyes.

The protests are the only thing anyone talks about anymore. People forgot about the pandemic and argued that justice took precedence. It does, and the sacrifice will be great as infections are rising faster than ever. There are 7.1 million cases globally, with almost 2 million cases in the US alone. The new outbreak epicenter is in Chicago, with Los Angeles close behind. Two weeks from now, we may be overwhelmed with new cases. Harder times are coming.

That’s why all our posts are about this crisis. One day, we will have a bit more fun, but right now every voice that suppresses fascism is required. This is a war that cannot be appeased. We remember what happened the last time fascism arose and it can’t happen again.

Alex Steffen on Twitter: "French Resistance fighter Simone Segouin ...
If the Nazis thought the French Resistance were a pain in the ass, just wait until they meet Britt and Zan.

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