Did Kushner and Trump really solve that pesky police brutality problem with a single meeting?

Did Kushner and Trump really solve that pesky police brutality problem with a single meeting?

Oh I am sure they think they did. Right now, Kushner is probably polishing off his dessert, thinking about how smart he is and how easy it is to solve America’s problems. All he had to do was lead a meeting of representatives from law enforcement and tell them they should be nicer to black people, and guess what? Law enforcement agreed!!

Trump calls Kushner his “Star”.

Trump asserts that 99% of police officers are “Great, GREAT, people and they have done jobs that are record breaking”. There will be no defunding of the police, Trump claimed, while congratulating them on what a great job they have done. Themes of the meeting involved maintaining ‘Law and Order’, all the poor police that have been exposed to Covid-19, how reform won’t come from demonizing the police, PRAISING TRUMP, how much blue lives matter, how ungrateful blacks are for law enforcement and the GREAT job numbers, what a great friend Trump has been to law enforcement, what a great job the military and law enforcement have done in reforming themselves over the last 50 years. There was some mention that police asphyxiating people was bad, but most importantly this meeting was about how important it is to restore law and order and support the finest law enforcement anywhere in the world.

Oh look: Trump summarized the whole meeting himself in a single Tweet.

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Trump’s police reform policy

Well that is just great, isn’t it? Tremendous! The entire plan to move forward from the current crises is to praise the police and to suppress the protests with Law and Order. It is like the Administration is handing law enforcement agencies a box of matches and a jerrycan of gas.

For some reason, conservatives are promoting the message that the situation is out of control and that radical leftists are murdering cops in the streets.

That is not actually happening.

According to Fox News, 17 people have been killed since the George Floyd protests started. I think that we can trust Fox News to publish every single death that might be caused by protesters. Right? You can bank on it.

Unfortunately, 17 people have died during the protests. 77 year old retired police captain David Dorn was shot and killed by looters who were taking advantage of the protests to rob a pawn shop. That’s not okay, but its not the protesters that killed Dorn. Trump has highlighted Dorn’s death as his motivation for cracking down on the protesters.

David McAtee was shot by police. The cops did not have their body cams turned on.

Chris Beaty was shot by police. Information about why he was shot was not released.

Dorian Murrell was shot in some mysterious circumstances by a white guy.

Italia Kelly was shot in the back while getting into a car to leave a protest.

Marquis Tousant was shot dead in some mysterious circumstances that involved a police shootout.

Patrick Underwood, a federal officer, was shot dead in a drive by shooting.

Calvin Horton Jr was shot dead by by the owner of a Minneapolis pawn shop.

James Scurlock was shot dead during a physical fight with a white bar owner.

Javar Harrell was shot dead while sitting in a parked car.

Barry Perkins III was killed when he climbed onto a FedEx truck and then fell off when the truck started driving away. This seems to be more of an accident than a murder.

Jorge Gomez was shot dead by police after pointing a gun at police.

Jose Gutierrez was shot dead, but police say he was an innocent bystander.

Victor Cazares Jr was shot dead.

Marvin Francois was killed when 3 people stole his car. It might be unrelated to the protests.

2 unidentified males shot and killed by the owner of a gunshop.

That is the whole list of people killed during the protests. They were all black. Most of them were not in any way involved with illegal activity. Who are the Trump Administration trying to kid?


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Watch Trump solve systemic racism in law enforcement in real time.

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