Trump is a puppet for the Religious Right

Trump is a puppet for the Religious Right

Many Christians have been duped into believing that Trump has a special role to play during the ‘End Times’. Eager for the adulation and power that some Christians shower over him, Trump shows his appreciation by acting as a puppet for the Religious Right.


Dictators are not really dictators. They dictate with consent. They might not have everyone’s consent, but they have enough consent to be allowed to stay in power. Together with the Dictator, supportive citizens will suppress dissent and dissenters. Dictators merely dictate the will of their base until they lose enough consent and enough legitimacy to remain in power. Legitimacy is what encourages consent from the base, and legitimacy tends to come from ideology, whether that ideology is religious or secular. People provide power to the leader that is confirming their beliefs. In the case of Donald Trump, the power is provided by the Religious Right.

Nuremberg: Germany's dilemma over the Nazis' field of dreams | The ...
Hitler didn’t physically force all these people to show up for a rally. They wanted to be there. They believed in the message and were willing to die for it.

Take Kim Jong Un, for example. Un is not single-handedly bending the people of North Korea to his will. Instead, his people support him because he represents their ideas. The ideas and culture of North Korea pre-date Un. Un is merely the figurehead of North Korea and a large enough portion of citizens support him so that he retains power. If Un didn’t have the support of the people, he would be dead by now and Pyongyang would be filled with American style strip malls and burger joints.

Why Does Donald Trump Keep Praising Kim Jong Un? - The Atlantic
Trump used to refer to Kim Jong Un as ‘Rocket Man’. Now he speaks of his deep respect and admiration for Un.

But why? Why hasn’t the highly seductive American culture of consumerism penetrated North Korea? Why are they so weird, and so unlike everyone else? Why do they cling to their unique version of a Marxist revolution that continues in the face of global rebuke? Why are North Koreans willing to starve and oppress fellow citizens to keep the show running? The answer? Legitimacy. Enough North Koreans believe in the revolution that they are willing to sacrifice personal comfort and oppress dissent. They believe in the revolution as deeply as Grandma believed that Jesus was coming back. As deeply as Grandpa believes in his Second Amendment right to keep an UZI machine gun under his bed. As deeply as many Evangelicals believe that President Trump has been chosen by God to usher in the Kingdom of God.


Wait–what? The Kingdom of God? What is the Kingdom of God? Many Christians believe that Jesus will return and become the ruler of Earth. Apparently, when Jesus becomes King of the World, things are going to be awesome. Well, awesome for a certain type of Evangelical Christians, not so awesome for everyone else. This will be the day of Glory when those pesky liberals will be punished once and for all. Check out this guy explaining how the full Kingdom of God is about to reach it’s fullness.

Every time Christians say the Lord’s prayer, they are invoking the Kingdom of God, but that means different things to different people.
Trump The Anointed? – Religion in Public
Some Dominionist Evangelicals believe that when Trump signs an executive order, it is really Jesus who is guiding his hand.

The coming Kingdom of God is not a fringe idea. Its as old as Christianity itself and has been an integral part of Christian doctrine and theology. Different types of Christians interpret the idea of the Kingdom of God differently, but the idea permeates Christianity whether a denomination or Church believes the Kingdom of God is esoteric symbolism, or that it a literal place in time and space. The majority of Christians believe that the Kingdom of God is in our hearts and minds. American Evangelicals tend to be in the literal camp and they have been waiting, preparing, and prophesying the day the Kingdom of God emerges as reality. Kind of Yikes!

Let’s get to the real YIKES!! The whole reason why certain Evangelicals are so firmly behind Trump is because they believe that he is the catalyst that will allow the the Kingdom of God to become reality. Yes, you read that correctly. God needs Donald Trump to help him with his policy agenda. A policy agenda that seems to include throwing liberals into the Lake of Fire. Seriously.

Some Christians believe that only Republicans can be ‘saved’.

This ideology is based in dominionism, which is a plan to turn the United States into a theonomy, which means ruled by God. Not only is this a heresy, but its likely treason, as well. It also sounds a lot like a caliphate. You might hear of this theology referred to as “Kingdom Now” or the “New Apostolic Reformation”. It is also referred to as “Christian Nationalism”.Whatever the case, their goal is to wrest the world away from Satan, and bring it back under the control of Christians.

Their veneration of Trump has nothing to do with him personally. Almost anyone could fit the bill as the ‘Anointed One’. In the past, people thought it might be George W. Bush. His Presidency came and went and we didn’t see any Kingdom of God arise.

Then they thought that Rick Perry might be the ‘Anointed One’. That fizzled out as soon as Perry lost the Republican Primary. Twice. Finding the right person for the job is hard.


No one would have expected Donald Trump to become the star that Christian Nationalists hitched their wagons to. A serial adulterer, a serial liar, thrice married, probably a rapist, a man who jokes about sex with his own daughter. In public, no less. Everything about Donald Trump is antithetical to Christian values. He sins without repentance, he viciously attacks people instead of turning the other cheek, and he does not forgive his enemies. Say what you want about former Presidents and their problems, none has been more of an Anti-Christ than Trump.

This has not been a problem for the dominionist crowd. They love him, warts and all. They venerate his faults. It makes him seem like King David, and who better to set up a throne for the Returned Messiah than King David. Beloved King David, with all his faults, but an undying love for God. Believe it or not, Dominionists have tried to present Trump as an incarnation of King David. Does no one care about heretical ideas anymore? I mean, whatever one wants to believe is all cool, but there used to be standards.

King David singing praises to God while cooking up a cunning plan to steal his friend’s wife.

For those unaware, King David saw this woman called Bathsheba and he moved on her like a bitch, but she was married. Not taking no for an answer, he grabbed her by the pussy and impregnated her. This was really bad because Bathsheba was the property of her husband Uriah, and you don’t just take someone else’s property. So David had no choice but to have Uriah killed in the hope that no one would ever find out what he had done.

People found out, however, as they always seem to do, and King David was driven out of town by one of his own sons. Eventually God forgave David and let him be King again, but God wouldn’t budge on letting David be the one who got to build the temple. You can find this story in ONE Chronicles.

It was still really great for King David to be able to ‘make the way’ for the first temple and then be the ancestor of every important person in the world from Jesus himself to Queen Elizabeth II. He was sort of a catalyst for the first Kingdom of God where all the chosen people were united under one government.

No, Donald Trump Is Not Cyrus (And Other Ridiculous Ways In Which ...
Just kill me now.

There is some argument about whether Trump is King David or not. Other Christian Nationalists like the King Cyrus theory. You see David’s son King Solomon built a fabulous temple. It was the best piece of real estate in the history of the world and it continues to be to this day. Everyone wants a piece of this lot conveniently situated in central Jerusalem. Location, Location, LOCATION! Anyway, it turns out the Babylonians thought it was an eyesore so in 586 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar took a wrecking ball to it. Rude!


Nebuchadnezzar was a bad dude. He occupied the Kingdom of Judah for decades and kept deporting people to Babylon as hostages. It was really bad and the people of Judah really suffered. This went on until Babylon was conquered by King Cyrus of Persia who decided to free the people of Judah and rebuild the temple. You can read his story in TWO Chronicles. Good stuff this Bible.

22 Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah might be accomplished, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying,

23 Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, All the kingdoms of the earth hath the Lord God of heaven given me; and he hath charged me to build him an house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Who is there among you of all his people? The Lord his God be with him, and let him go up.

2 Chronicles 36:22-33

Wow, sounds great. A reestablishment of God’s Kingdom and the chosen people get to FINALLY govern themselves again. Here is the best part. Some linguists assert that the name Cyrus means “humiliator of the enemy in verbal contest.” Oh man, if ONLY we could get a scroll of Cyrus’s twitter feed! Importantly, we can connect Trump’s personality and deeds to that of King Cyrus. Not only did Cyrus end the oppression of God’s people, but he did it while screaming obscenities at everyone (allegedly). God can, and will use anyone–thus sayeth the Dominionists.

Pin on Funny Miley cyrus memes
How better to mark this special time in history than with a gold-plated Trump/Cyrus coin!?

I know you think we are making this shit up, but that is not the case. The Trump is Cyrus theory is even more popular than the Trump is King David theory. It is rumored that even their hair is the same, and that is pretty compelling evidence.

Not only did King Cyrus free the people of Judah, but he bankrolled the re-building of the temple. What a guy! What symbolism! Clearly he was anointed by God to reform some public policy.

Now a lot of stuff has happened since 70 CE when the Second Temple was destroyed, and negotiations for ownership of the Temple Mount have been pretty tense, especially since there is a mosque currently sitting on it.

Building a Third Temple is crucial for ushering in the Second Coming of Christ, according to some Christians, and President Trump is doing absolutely everything he can to facilitate that. Dominionist Christian Nationalists see that and appreciate it.


In the link below, Pastor Chuck Pierce teaches his flock that Trump is like the fig tree that would not bear fruit for three years. Instead of uprooting the fig tree, the advice is to cultivate the tree further, give it a shot of fertilizer, and protect it. Pierce claims that this scripture is symbolic of Trump’s impeachment in his third year and that Christians must continue to pray for Trump to help him to fulfill prophesy. Just for reference, scholars who study sociology of religion are right now discussing whether this expression of dominionism is unique enough to describe it as a new religious movement.

This meme may be getting old, but not as old as the Trump ...
“Jesus who?” said 81% of the white Evangelical vote.

Click here to see a video about how Christians who support Trump understand Trumps role in ushering in the Kingdom of God and why their goal has not been yet achieved.

Trump as Cyrus? Really? | The Apologetics Group
I guess that comb over is anointed by God.

When Trump was running for President, a lot of people started telling him about prophesies. The Evangelical vote has been an important tool for Republicans since George W. Bush became the first President to concentrate on the Evangelical vote and win the Presidency without securing the Catholic vote. These days, that Evangelical vote is key, and therefore Trump, who had likely never associated with a Dominionist in his life, had to start campaigning to them.

Imagine a not very bright narcissist that suffers from delusions of grandeur and some crackpot comes and starts whispering in his ear that God has a special plan for him. Every single candidate has this happen to them, and the vast majority nod and smile, and thank the person for their vote. A few others look around nervously to get the attention of security. Not Trump! No, not Trump. He believes them. He soon finds out that thousands of people think that he has been chosen by God for a special task. Those thousands turn into millions. After they manage to get him elected, they have a special team of potential cabinet and administration members for him to choose. All people who are on board with God’s plans for America and the world. People like Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Betsy DeVos, Mike Pompeo, Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, and Ken Blackwell. None of these people were ever in Trump’s circle. He didn’t know them before they started love-bombing him and telling him how important and wonderful he is. Trump is their puppet on a string.

Evangelicals Love Donald Trump for Many Reasons, But One of Them ...
President Trump is the man the Christian Nationalists were waiting their whole lives for.

Even worse, Trump doesn’t know anything about politics, or public policy, or even just how the government works. He has been a completely blank slate and knows so little about the Constitution, the Bible, geopolitical affairs, or anything else for that matter, that Trump is easily swayed by his advisors. Apparently, they can tell Trump anything, and he will believe it. It is likely safe to say that Trump had never even heard of Cyrus before someone explained it.

No. Trump is not the second coming of Nehemiah! – The MadServant
Trump needs that wall. It’s Biblical!

“I saw the other day that you will be, after you’re elected president, you’ll have an opportunity to sign a treaty with Israel,” Parrott says, “which will get a lot of resistance all around the world but it’s going to go through and it’s going to be a tremendous spiritual and financial blessing to America and to Israel.”

Jorge Parrott prophesying at a campaign event

The idea that Trump is on a mission from God is increasing in every category of worship attendance. Note that while many Evangelicals believe that all Presidents are anointed by God, many more believe that Trump alone is anointed by God. If we ran this survey, we would have asked if any other Presidents had received anointing.

The ‘Trump as the Chosen One’ narrative is getting increasingly widespread coverage. The issue has been discussed on Fox & Friends (Trump’s favorite show BTW). Not only Did Rick Perry proclaim that Trump, and even Obama beforehand were elected according to God’s plan, but the hosts claim that Trump has some superhuman strength to withstand attacks from the left. Really. Check it out:

Poor Trump. Good thing God is giving him strength. He will really need it when these prophesies fail.

The belief that a politician is the subject of biblical prophecy gives his election an aura of inevitability and his actions an unquestionable authority. In the year of his campaign, Trump was described by a variety of religious supporters as “the last Trumpet” who would galvanize the second coming of Christ, and a modern King David, as well as Nebuchadnezzar. Most often, however, he was recognized as “Cyrus”.

The Guardian

Ah yes, the ‘Last Trumpet’. After the tribulation starts, the world is destroyed by plague (Covid?), fire (Australia?), famine (half the world is starving), contamination of water (yep), death of sea creatures (please no!), demonic insects (murder hornets?), the sun, moon and stars are blacked out (oh boy!), and a demonic army kills a lot of people (aliens?), then a horrible sound will indicate to all that the entire world is about to be destroyed. Really? God sounds kind of mean. Why are these people helping him?


Back to treason, we can’t forget that building God’s Kingdom means tearing down the current kingdom. Literally. Trump is recognized as a wrecking ball that will destroy the State, and this is what his Evangelical supporters want. That is the point. The Evangelical Dominionists support Trump because he is willing to burn it all down so they can erect a theocracy. They are just using him, and when this prophesy fails, like all the other return of Christ prophesies have failed, Trump will be abandoned. No longer will he enjoy the ideological legitimization that he is currently afforded. He will also take all the blame and be saddled with all the penalties that deposed dictators typically receive.

Click here to read a review of an interesting book called God and Donald Trump.

Trump holding up the book at Davos.

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