Silence is a form of racism

Silence is a form of racism

Now is your chance to say something. Don’t get all nervous because some windows have been smashed in or some over-priced shoes have been stolen. Those corporations can afford to buy new windows with the money they earned using indentured workers in poor countries with few labor laws. People are more important than property. This is NOT an endorsement of vandalism or looting. Don’t break things or steal, because the oppressors will just use that to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement. There is already plenty of evidence that cops are instigating violence. There is no need to play into their hands.

Check out this excellent video:

Spread this video far and wide. The whole world needs to see the brutality of American police forces and the endorsement of this brutality from President Donald Trump. The only way for people to understand the issues surrounding police brutality and the disproportionate use of force against black Americans is if they see it with their own eyes.

Click here to view the Black Lives Matter website for more information about police brutality and how to support this social justice movement.

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This image taken from a video shows one of the Minneapolis police officers arresting George Floyd before he died. Photo: AFP
This is the expression of a man who is used to killing. It’s old hat.

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