What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do?

Black Lives Matter protesters are getting stun grenades thrown at them, but what are they and can they hurt the protesters? The Trump administration clearly believes they are on a mission from God.


The cops throw a stun grenade at you and suddenly you can’t see anything, you cant hear anything, and you feel dizzy.

You can’t see anything because the device produces 7 million candela worth of light. That’s the light from one candle times 7 million–so super bright. A 25 watt compact fluorescent lightbulb produces about 135 candela of light. The explosion was so bright that it causes ‘flash blindness’ because the light receptors in your eyes have become overloaded. You might even feel pain, but the damage is thought to be temporary.

You can’t hear anything because the device produces a sound louder than 170 decibels. By comparison, a jet engine makes a sound of about 140 decibels–so super loud. The explosion will give you temporary deafness and a ringing noise in your ears. It could even be loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage.

You feel dizzy because the fluid in your inner ear has been disturbed and that will cause you to lose your balance. You could have a feeling of spinning and/or lightheadedness. You might fall down, faint, or feel confused.

A stun grenade can seriously hurt you:

Although flashbangs are designed to be nonlethal and cause temporary disorientation, there have been recorded cases of people receiving severe burns, or even dying, because of a flashbang.

Ernest Bhend, MD and Eric Tyler, AuD

There are similar devices that are frequently used for crowd control. There is the ABC-M7A2 and the ABC-M7A3 riot control hand grenade that disperses tear gas. The XM99 hand grenade includes tear gas and rubber shrapnel.

None of this sounds like a good time.

CNN anchor Rosemary Church agreed that grenade style riot control devices were barbaric when they used them at Ferguson. Then she said something incomprehensibly dumb. Please don’t show this video to Trump as we do not want him to get any ideas.

Wow. Just wow. Water canons? Church clearly remembers how safe and effective water canons have been when used on the Irish.

Water cannons were used to control protesters in 1930s Germany (this is an anti-fascist dog whistle BTW), and they have been used in the USA, the UK, and various other countries run by very stable geniuses. Don’t tell your local tyrant, but water cannons have the ability to tear the clothes right off a person. Then you can arrest them for public nudity. Good idea? Even better, you can be like Indonesia and lace the water with ammonia, or like Turkey and throw in some liquid teargas. Very stable geniuses can be extremely innovative about these things.

Instanbul Protests Water Cannons

The cold jet from the water cannon slammed into the back of my head, tipping me off balance and sending adrenaline pumping around my body. This was the Ziegler WaWe 9000 in action: a German-built 30-tonne riot-tamer that can blast its targets with up to 18 litres of water a second and toss demonstrators like rag dolls.

Robert Booth

None of this is actually necessary. It is just cruelty. If the authorities have to spend time thinking of ways to suppress demonstrators by doing something that looks like it might not hurt them (although all of these techniques hurt and can kill) then they do not actually need to do anything at all except for wait for the protest to end. The problem is that they WANT to hurt the protesters while tricking people into thinking the protesters were just treated to a day at a water park. They WANT to suppress the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the protesters.

If stun grenades, rubber bullets, or water canons do not work, they might bring in the vicious dogs that Trump claims are guarding him. Look at these bad cops telling their dogs to bite Americans that are peacefully petitioning the government to guarantee their civil right to participate in society. This bad cop believes that this American man should not be allowed to eat in the same restaurant as he does. That is WHY he is telling his dog to attack the man he is grabbing. The cop isn’t worried this guy will break a window or burn down something. He is worried the man will eat a sandwich in a diner.

A 17-year-old civil rights demonstrator being attacked by a police dog during protests.
Are these the White House dogs that President Trump was warning the protesters about? We heard that he activates them with his reverse dog whistle that only the woke can hear.

Someone needs to tell Trump that Jesus doesn’t like it when the authorities oppress people based on their ethnicity, their gender, or their religion. Jesus was actually VERY CLEAR on these issues. He also liked to distribute food and medicaid for free, and he didn’t care for money or value private property rights. Remember that time that Jesus took a whip to the money changers working in the temple?

The Original Whip & Nae Nae : forwardsfromgrandma
Sometimes you don’t want to know what Jesus would do.

Jesus was the biggest protester of them all and Trump didn’t recognize him in the crowd in front St John’s Church. Someone needs to explain to Trump that the Church is the people, not merely the building.

President Donald Trump holds a Bible as he visits outside St. John’s Church across Lafayette Park from the White House Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. Part of the church was set on fire during protests on Sunday night.
And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites
are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and
in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men.
Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Mathew 6:5 KJV

Someone get the man a bible.

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