Ending Racism Starts with You

Ending Racism Starts with You

Let’s talk about racism. Its time people actually started thinking about if their actions, thoughts, and ideas are supporting racism.

Let’s start with Trump who claims to be the “least racist person anywhere in the world“.

This rant really must be heard to be believed. Does anyone really believe that Trump is the least racist person anywhere in the world?

Right after making that comment, Trump declared that black civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton IS a racist.

Donald Trump's Pal Al Sharpton | [site:name] | National Review
Donald Trump associating with a person he alleges to be a racist.

This is the first mistake that people who do not understand what racism is will make. They claim that the victims of racism are the racist ones. That is not actually the way it works. Racism is systemic oppression of minority populations based on the idea that the dominant group in society is superior. In the case of western civilization, white culture has been dominant. Our entire civilization has been founded on the premise of imperialist white supremacy. Despite what one might read on a bunch of Alt-Right blogs, white people in America are not the victims of racial oppression. You must be part of the dominant group to racially oppress someone.


All people, no matter what their ethnic heritage, can be bigoted and say bigoted things. It might be bigoted to claim that ALL white people are racists. Its something that is more of a stereotype than truth. Not all whites are racist and some whites try really hard to reject racism. It can be difficult, though, because racism likes to silently sneak its way into daily life in a way that makes it difficult for white people to see it. Seeing racism is the first step that people can make to try and improve things. Stopping yourself from making bigoted comments and doing bigoted things is the easy part. The hard part is to stop doing the racist things you didn’t realize you were doing. Most of us have said or done something that supports racism at some point in our life.

WHOA! Hold on a minute!! You might be thinking that is BS and that YOU personally are not a racist or a white supremacist. Well, you are right, you probably are not a white supremacist. You are, however, a member of a society that actively oppresses non-whites and has done so for centuries. We live in a racist society. Now, that doesn’t mean you started it, or that you approve of it, but it does mean that you can help end it. You can start by making sure that you are aware of what racism is and how you personally can do your best to avoid participating in it.

darth vader wallpaper image - Dark Force,Science Fiction,Fan Group ...
Don’t let the Dark Side control you.

These days, it actually takes a bit of effort to develop into a full fledged racist. Only the nastiest people manage to do that. The rest of people are unconsciously supporting racism and being unconsciously racist. To be consciously racist, one needs to truly believe that whites are superior to non-whites, and that we should continue to support attitudes and policies that privilege whites over non-whites. Then, you need to have the benefit of being a member of the dominant and privileged group in society so that you can work your evil and oppress minority populations. Most people, even if they act like racist jerks are not that far gone. They are unconsciously supporting the values of racism.

Everybody in our society, no matter what their skin color, is oppressed by the ideas of white supremacy. Everybody. This is because racism is like an invisible force that controls society. If America was Star Wars, racism would be the Dark Side. Our immersion in racist white supremacy starts soon after birth when we start being exposed to the racist values that hold us all back as humans. Resist the Dark Force. Embrace the light. OMG even Star Wars is reproducing the idea that dark is bad and light is good. See how insidious racism is?

The part where he was totally a black guy, whose name basically was James Earl Jones, and while he was black, he was terrible and bad and awful and used to cut off white men’s hands, and didn’t, you know, actually claim his son? But as soon as he claims his son and goes over to the good, he takes off his mask and he is white? Yes, I have many, many feelings about that.

Melissa Harris-Perry on why Star Wars reproduces racist themes

Star Wars isn’t purposely racist with the light vs dark theme. The issue is that our society has developed a notion that dark and black represents evil and that light and white represents good. These concepts predate western civilization and before the concept of ‘blackness as other’, which is a western construct in the first place. Associating black skin with bad things is actually a very recent phenomenon, and unfortunately, that association has caused a lot of harm.


This invisible societal force of racist oppression is known as institutionalized racism. When we say invisible, that means that institutionalized racism is mostly invisible to white people. Like Trump, many people refuse to believe their actions or thoughts are racist, or even that racism exists at all. Some will even assert that they are ‘color-blind’. They don’t see color even though they just asked you to hand them the skin-color crayon. They treat everyone the same because they believe that any sort of Affirmative Action is racism against whites. The thing is that color is there and non-whites tend to be reminded every single day.

If an 11 year old girl can understand that she faces institutionalized racist barriers to education, so can you.

Institutionalized racism is the invisible force that causes white people to call 911 when they see a black person just standing there minding their own business. Although you might feel down deep in the pit of your stomach that a person does not belong in your neighborhood or in your apartment building, they probably live there. There is no reason to be afraid. That feeling you have is just Darth Vader using telekinesis to make you do evil things. Join the Resistance.

White fear is caused by institutionalized racism. Just put the phone down.

Remember when Trump asked why all the immigrants were coming from shithole countries and that he would like to see more immigrants from countries like Norway? That was an example of both overt bigotry and institutionalized racism. First, there were the rude comments about certain countries being shitholes. That is conscious racism. Second, there is the assumption that Norway is a better country than Haiti. Will Norwegians make better immigrants than Haitians? Absolutely not, but interrogate your own gut feeling on that. Take a class on getting woke or something.

Trump has a history of thinking that the countries where non-white people live are bad places. He has even told members of Congress to ‘go back to your own country’. Even one that was born in the United States. Just look at his Tweets:


President Trump is not very kind. He is also a bigot and a racist. Don’t be like Trump. Don’t tell people to go back to their own country. Don’t think that certain bloodlines are special. If you do not see Trump’s blatant racism in his words and deeds, you really need to look in the mirror and decide what direction you need to take.

ARM (The Anti-Republican Movement) - Home | Facebook
Racism will not make America great.

Laura Ingraham, whose Fox News broadcast is one of the worst purveyors of institutionalized racism, expressed compassion for Trump’s plight when she remarked that:

“And to our African-American fellow citizens, I say this: Given his own experience with an out-of-control FBI and unfair investigation, given all the work on criminal justice reform, President Trump knows how poisonous and out-of-control law enforcement process can be,”

Laura Ingraham equating the murder of George Floyd to the Russia Investigation.

Really Laura? Is the Dark Force working within you? Excessive police brutality, supported by institutionalized racism that results in the disproportionate murder of black men is NOT EQUAL to Trump being investigated for corruption. Not even close. Just the suggestion is an insult to our intelligence. The worst part is that Ingraham probably understood exactly what she was saying. She knows that she is using her broadcast to reinforce racist attitudes among her viewers.

Donald Trump wins the Least Racist Person Ever Award in his breakout role as Darth Vader.

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