Just STFU and wear the mask!

Just STFU and wear the mask!

Listen snowflake! You are getting on our nerves. All we want is to stop you from getting sick and dying. We understand that healthcare is not always considered a human right in the USA, (unlike the rest of the world), and if you get sick with Covid-19 you have a good chance of dying on the floor of a free clinic.

Oh, you thought that you were going to get a comfy ICU bed and one of those spiffy new ventilators that Trump has on order? Hah! Think again, Snowflake. People with crappy insurance, no insurance, and Medicaid (in its current form) need to go to ‘That Other Line’ over there. If the guy in line in front of you dies, just step over his corpse and be glad that you will be seen a bit faster.

What? You do not think you will get sick? That is some positive thinking there, Bucko! Chances are pretty good that you are going to come in contact with Covid-19 because you are running the roads looking for trouble, protesting with Covidiots, and touching things. Some smart math guy in Scotland figured out that in MARCH we already had a 1 in 1000 chance of catching Covid-19. It is now May and the more people that are infected with Covid-19, the higher the chance of infection.

Your risk of catching COVID-19

This is WHY you have been asked to wear a mask. Every time you go to Costco, there is probably 1 Covid-19 infected person (or more) milling around touching things. Unfortunately, that person is likely to be YOU because you refuse to take precautions. I bet you would agree that OTHER PEOPLE should wear a mask so they don’t infect YOU, so why do you not care enough to protect them?

You only had to do one simple thing, but you chose instead to throw a tantrum.

Don’t be this guy.

Here is a TMZ video where Snowflake rants that he might be a little fat, but mask wearers are sheep.

Despite the snowflake tendency to think that wearing a protective mask is a breach of civil rights, it really isn’t. People died fighting for REAL civil rights, like the right to vote, the right to a fair trial, the right to equal protection under the law, the right to education, and more. It is NOT an equal right to spread disease. That might be more defined as a freedom. The freedom to spread disease.

Does anyone think we should allow people the freedom to spread disease?

None of these people died for the freedom to spread disease.

Just the same, a lot of would be disease spreading freedom fighters are taking up the cause by sending strongly worded emails, tweets, and Facebook posts to Costco to demand that their inalienable freedom to spread disease be protected.

That’s right. Don’t be a snowflake or you will never get to buy huge boxes of food ever again.

That’s right. A cake with two girl names is a bridge too far, but a monument to covidiotism might soon be enshrined on the National Mall.

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