Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed

Trump says he is opening the economy whether there is a vaccine available or not. He also says that a vaccine will be available by the end of the year.

That is pretty optimistic because experts believe that it will take a minimum of 12 to 18 months to develop a vaccine. Even if a vaccine is developed, it would still take time to manufacture enough doses to vaccinate a sufficient number of people. Trump hints that his timeline demands might not be fulfilled:

“I don’t want people to think this is all dependent on a vaccine,” he said. “Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back. And we’re starting the process.”

“In many cases they don’t have vaccines and a virus or a flu comes and you fight through it,” he added. “Other things have never had a vaccine and they go away.”

“I think the schools should be back in the fall,” Mr Trump continued.

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Despite Dr Fauci warning the Senate that opening up the economy too early may result in further spread of Covid-19, Trump seems unconcerned. He should probably be concerned, however, because there are nearly 1.5 million cases in the U.S. and nearly 90,000 people have already died.

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Trump is going to get a really fast vaccine and its going to be really big.

Even if a vaccine becomes available, many people have expressed fear that a Covid-19 vaccine is part of a conspiracy to harm people. The W.H.O. has referred to the spread of these conspiracy theories as an ‘infodemic‘. Many people have suggested that they will refuse the Covid-19 vaccine because they believe that vaccines are harmful in general, but also that Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, and others are conspiring to infect people and then profit from the development of a vaccine.

There are various Covid-19 conspiracy theories being passed around the internet. Check out the 10 most popular.

Both Trump supporters and people who dislike Trump are embracing the depopulation conspiracy theory with the difference between the two groups being that people who dislike trump believe that Trump is in on the conspiracy, while Trump supporters believe that Trump is being tricked.

This Twitter user believes that Trump is in on the conspiracy to depopulate the planet of useless eaters.
This Twitter user believes that he needs to warn Trump about Bill Gates and Dr Fauci.

If you want real information about Covid-19 and how to reduce the chance of infection, then click the following links:

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