Be Best Names for the Be BEST Buddies

Be Best Names for the Be BEST Buddies

Sleepy Joe Biden? Mini Mike Bloomberg? Crazy Nancy? Low IQ Maxine Waters? We have heard every nickname that Trump has given his enemies. Trump has been remiss, however, in providing catchy nicknames for his buddies. So we decided to help him out. Only the Bestest of the Be Best crowd get this honor!

Chad’s a Bro second to none. Sure his legal documents say Matt Gaetz but just look at that jawline.
First he didn’t know anybody in Russia. Then he did know someone in Russia. Then he didn’t know anyone in Russia. Who can keep track?
“Right now” it remains the plan that elections will take place in November, but he is not sure he can “commit one way of the other”. Jared Kushner claims did NOT collude with Russia, either. Them brows are on point, though!
Poor Melania. She just wants everyone to Be Best to each other.
Eric Not Be Best Son because he will never be as good as Ivanka. He tries though. He tries so hard.
so many possible names for this Siren of Doom. She was probably a nice person once, before she sold her soul to alternative facts. We can also thank Blonde Golum for getting us into this mess in the first place.
Will someone, ANYONE, sit this guy down and explain to him what a dumbass he has been? Keep in mind that Miller’s emails have become policy!
Betsy ‘pull yourself up by your bootstaps’ Devos was educated at Calvin University, which may not even be accredited, but you can definitely use an education voucher to pay the tuition.
That’s right, he can’t hear hear you when you tell him he is making an “assault on the rule of law“. Some judge that was probably appointed by Obama doesn’t like what Barr is up to and mumbled something about the courts being the last bulwark against tyranny. Barr says he can’t hear him.

This should be enough to get us started. We will be back with more propaganda spin names as soon as we think them up. 😛

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