Is Elon Musk a Space Karen?

Is Elon Musk a Space Karen?

Elon Musk is really mad that the Covid-19 Pandemic is inconveniencing him. It can’t be cash flow that is the problem. Apparently, Musk has a networth of 36.5 billion USD. That is a LOT of money. Enough money for Musk to go on paternity leave to spend some time getting to know little X Æ A-12, which is pronounced either EX-A-I or EX-ash, depending on which parent you ask.

X Æ A-12 Musk is so cute and stylish. His parents are already looking for a pre-school on Mars.

Musk also has more than enough money to pay his 10,000 employees to take some well deserved time off. Tesla Motors employees make an average of $21.01 per hour so that means that it might cost Musk a mere 500 million to let them relax safely at home for an entire year. He can afford that. Honest.

Still, Space Karen is super frustrated that he has to work within the limits of a public health emergency. Keeping his factory open is of the utmost importance. He has THINGS TO DO!!!! and Covid-19 is wasting his time!!!!!!!!11eleven.


Although he has accumulated such a large fortune, Elon claims he doesn’t care much about personal possessions. In fact, he has recently declared that he is divesting himself of his real-estate holdings so that he can put all his energies into his proposed Mars Colony project. Man, it will really suck for Elon if he gets to Mars and there are microbes there that are dangerous to humans. Imagine being quarantined on Mars instead of a mansion in Bel Air.

If bringing home dangerous microbes from Mars doesn’t succeed in killing all life on Earth, Musk plans to go ahead with his plans to turn humans into cyborgs. Thankfully, only the people that live in Bel Air will be able to afford the modifications to our brains.

“It is not a mandatory thing”, says Musk. “This is a thing you can choose to have if you want”.

Wow, these are some exciting plans and this crappy Covid-19 is holding poor Elon back from transforming civilization as we currently know it. Something should be done about this.

So Space Karen emerged and he is impervious to the effects of disease and he doesn’t seem to care if anyone else dies, either. As all complaints to the manager begin, it started with a perceived personal injustice and a really big temper tantrum. The more that public health officials resisted demands to re-open the economy, the bigger the tantrum became.


First it was a complaint to his shareholders:

“The expansion of the shelter in place [in Bay Area] or as we call it forcibly imprisoning people in their homes, against all their constitutional rights, is in my opinion breaking people’s freedoms in ways that are horrible and wrong, and not why people came to America or built this country,” Musk said.

Musk then uttered an expletive, before adding, “Excuse me. It’s causing a lot of strife to a lot of people.”

“This is the time to think about the future, and also to ask, is it right to infringe upon people’s rights, as what is happening right now? I think people are going to be very angry about this and are very angry,” he said. “It’s like if somebody wants to stay in the house, that’s great. They should be allowed to stay in the house, and they should not be compelled to leave. But to say that they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist.”

Market Watch

That outburst did not get enough attention so Musk continued to complain, and complain, and complain about everything.

As usual, the best responses are always found in the comments sections of webzines:

sorry musk, fascism is forcing your slaves to risk their lives working for you so that you can accumulate more billions… sad, musk used to be a bright spot in the corporate world, now he is just another greedy capitalist billionaire, putting profits before lives. risking his employees lives so he can extract more wealth. this changes his image and what he stands for 100% and he will never get it back. say goodby to the the brilliant futurist that wants to make society a better place and say hello to the next malevolent, corporate oligarch, billionaire, capitalist pig!

More Evolved


Not getting the attention he needed, Mush started to yell louder:

It is unknown where Musk and his family will live after he sells off everything that he owns.

Most of us do not really care if Musk sells off his stuff and lives in the basement of one of his factories. Do what you need buddy–just try not to hurt other people.

Musk owns a lot of real-estate in the most expensive parts of California, with some claiming that his portfolio is worth over $100 million. Does anyone need that many homes?

In fact, Musk has so much real-estate, he could probably just pay the rent for all his employees until the pandemic subsides.

The hysterics did get some attention though as some of Elon’s fans are starting to get worried for him:

Yes, Elon. It likely is a time to take a break from Twitter. Please.

Musk was not to be soothed however. Painting himself as some sort of billionaire class Antifa savior, Musk was ready to stand his ground.

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk on Monday said production was resuming at the automaker’s sole U.S. vehicle factory, in California, defying an order to stay closed and saying if anyone had to be arrested it should be him. …

Musk over the weekend threatened to leave California for Texas or Nevada over his factory’s closure. His move has highlighted the competition for jobs and ignited a rush to woo the billionaire executive by states that have reopened their economies more quickly in response to encouragement from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Global News

This would be the greatest act of civil disobedience ever performed. Elon Musk would save America, and therefore the world, standing up to the Deep State and protecting downtrodden factory workers everywhere. Not specifically his workers, but interchangeable workers that live in Texas, Nevada, or even Shanghai.

15 Incredible Historical Photographs | Stuart franklin, Tank man ...
Elon’s vision of himself fighting fascism in America

Only it turns out that after you whined to the biggest manager of them all, one who really understands your need for histrionic self preservation, some fascist bureaucrat finally relented and let you re-open your factory. We hope nobody gets sick and dies in there.


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