For-profit nursing homes in Ontario have four times as many deaths as city-run homes

For-profit nursing homes in Ontario have four times as many deaths as city-run homes

Grandma is more likely to get Covid-19 and more likely to die from Covid-19 in Ontario nursing homes that are for-profit. This situation has led the Government of Ontario to issue an emergency order to allow provincial management of nursing homes.

In a press release issued on Wednesday morning, the province said that the emergency order will “support the use of rapid, immediate and effective management alternatives to protect residents and staff within a home” when necessary.

CTV News

There are 626 long-term care homes in Ontario and 249 of them have experienced outbreaks.

Governments in Canada have paid close attention to the ability of private and for-profit nursing homes to cope after horrific conditions were revealed at a private nursing home in Quebec,

Elderly residents left soiled and unfed after their caregivers fled the premises, 31 deaths in the space of a few weeks: a nursing home in Montreal has become the symbol of the terrible toll coronavirus is taking in Canada’s long-term care homes.

The bleak situation discovered at the Residence Herron, in the Montreal suburb of Dorval, has triggered an investigation for gross negligence and a national reckoning about the conditions in long-term care homes which account for half the country’s more than 1,250 COVID-19 deaths.

Called to the rescue after most of the staff deserted the facility, health authorities found residents dehydrated, unfed for days and lying listless in bed, some covered in excrement. Others had fallen to the floor. Two deaths had gone unnoticed for several days.


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