All the good dogs are having the best time in lockdown

All the good dogs are having the best time in lockdown

All day long, dogs faithfully wait for us to come home. Now we have been home all day for the last couple of months and it is like all their doggy dreams have come true.

Who knew that dogs could talk?

Now that we are spending more time with the furkids, it has become painfully obvious how little attention that we paid to our best friends before this pandemic thing happened. I mean, did you know that dogs can talk? Apparently they can talk.

This dog doesn’t just talk. He swears like a drunken bloodhound and he is completely over the lockdown!

Dogs also watch TV! People will leave the TV on when they go out so that Rover won’t feel lonely, but who knew that we should consult with the furkids about their television preferences. No, our dogs are unlikely to choose to sit through a weekend marathon of Gilmore Girls reruns. You would do better to put on an action movie with a lot of special effects. That’s right. Your dog has turned out to be just like that jock you dated in high school.

This bulldog seems to be rooting for the dinosaur.

Staying at home by yourself all the time can get pretty lonely. If we ever get to leave our homes again, be sure to remember how the furkids feel when they are home alone.

Spot has mastered the art of stinkeye.

Dogs are extremely forgiving, though, and the best ones will forget that you used to leave them alone all day while you did stuff without them. You know, you were doing all the things they like. Eating, walking, exploring, meeting friends, car rides, meeting new people, chasing buses… . Spot understands you are a sociopath, and is silently judging you. Balto, however, is willing to overlook your nasty personality traits and provide you with the love and attention he knows you need.

Balto is here for you!

Watch out, though. The dogs have a plan. There are using your time in lockdown very wisely. It won’t be long before they make us their slaves.

Isa and Hugo have got their Dad trained.

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