40 Canadian food inspectors have Covid-19

40 Canadian food inspectors have Covid-19

Besides the 21 Alberta cases, 11 meat plant inspectors have been infected in Quebec, six in Ontario and two in British Columbia, union president Fabian Murphy said by email. Meat plants are incredibly susceptible to Covid-19 outbreak as they are cold and humid, with workers standing very close together.

Although there is pressure on the food supply, some experts claim that Canadians do not yet need to worry.

“I would argue the meat supply chain — and, in fact, our food system generally — has been robust and resilient and bent, but didn’t break, in the face of an unprecedented shock based on demand,” said Mike von Massow, a food economist at the University of Guelph. “We’ve continued to have meat available on grocery store shelves, and we have not seen yet significant price appreciation.”

CBC News

Still, there are reports of rising grocery prices.

“We’re seeing wholesale beef prices through the roof,” he said. “In terms of prices, especially on the U.S. side, their record high beef price was $265 for 100 pounds of wholesale beef, and this week, we’re at like $470, so it’s almost doubled the record high.”

Global News

Increased food prices are the last thing families need during this time of high unemployment. It might be BBQ season, but perhaps we can relieve the pressure on the food supply by eating home grown vegetables.

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