Matt Gaetz is working hard to spread conspiracy theories

Matt Gaetz is working hard to spread conspiracy theories

60 minutes investigates how the Trump Administration is cutting off funding to anyone connected with the Wuhan lab.

As it turns out, conspiracy theories are driving decisions:

Matt Gaetz on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”: The NIH gives this $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they then advertise that they need coronavirus researchers. Following that, coronavirus erupts in Wuhan.

CBS News

Matt Gaetz, or as we like to call him:” Chad“, is all over this Chinavirus conspirafest like a dirty shirt.

Wow! Thankfully, Chad Gaetz and Tucker Carlson are there to warn us about the Chinavirus!

Why is Matt Gaetz so dumb? According to his Wikipedia entry, the 38 year old U.S. Representative from Florida earned a B.S. in ‘interdisciplinary sciences’ from Florida State University. Then he went off to William and Mary to get a JD. Doesn’t that mean he should know better than to peddle disinformation?

What else does Gaetz get up to? Here is a sampling of his high jinx:

Well, he just loves to cause confusion about climate change:

“In our fervor to protect the environment, we lose sight of economic and scientific reality,” said Gaetz, who is seeking Florida’s District 1 congressional seat. However, he added the Legislature is looking at ways to diversify the state’s energy market through tax cuts and support for the free market. Alternate energy sources widely are viewed as one way to combat pollution and slow humans’ contributions toward climate change.

News Herald

He sponsored a Bill to terminate the EPA.

He made a claim that Obamacare made the opioid crisis worse.

He thinks the law doesn’t apply to him:

He didn’t have his license suspended for a year when he refused the breath test — as Florida law dictates. And he didn’t have that refusal used against him in a criminal proceeding. Charges against Gaetz were dismissed after events that included, among other things, the forced resignation of the arresting officer.

Tampa Bay Times

He actually admitted to getting ideas for investigating Hilary Clinton from r/The_Donald.

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some screen caps from Reddit, where it all went down.

He invited a HOLOCAUST DENIER to the SOTU!!!!

He has been accused of witness intimidation and tampering! Hasn’t Michael Cohen suffered enough without some Chad trying to wreck his life further? 😛

I might have to start watching SNL again. They referred to Fla ...
Look at that jawline!

Then there was that gas mask incident:

Wow! Chad is so funny!

Which brings us back full circle to Covid-19 and the mismanagement the global coronavirus pandemic. Can anyone believe a thing that Matt Gaetz claims?

Scientists have so far largely rejected theories that the novel coronavirus is man-made. In February, 27 public health experts wrote a letter in the Lancet medical journal to condemn such conspiracy theories, citing scientific evidence that “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.”


No incels were harmed during the making of this post.

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