What will Trump do if all his valets get too sick to work?

What will Trump do if all his valets get too sick to work?

Trump has a look and its a bit of work to maintain. He needs someone to keep that beautiful hair under control.

Trump's hair blowing during Thursday's high winds in 5 photos, 1 ...

Gorgeous hair doesn’t just happen. It takes careful styling and a LOT of product. This one time, Trump’s valet had a dental appointment and all Hell broke loose. Now, the valet just lets his teeth rot.

The Emperor's Hairdo | Garry Wills | The New York Review of Books

Sadly, Trump’s favorite valet who is known to insiders as ‘Jerry Threehands’, tested positive for Covid-19. Now, what will Trump do? Get well Jerry Threehands!

He's got the look: Donald Trump revealed on Saturday that if elected president he would get rid of his current hairstyle and simply comb his hair back (Trump is seen above with a photoshopped version of his hair combed back)

For safety reasons, top Trump Aide Stephen Miller gave the special comb over technique a try, but he could not match the skill of Jerry Threehands.

Jerry Threehands provided an Ikea style instruction sheet just in case he doesn’t make it home again from the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.


The whole style relies on just two bobby pins, but the exact location where to pin the hair is a trademarked secret.

Donald Trump Hair Png ,HD PNG . (+) Pictures - vhv.rs

Sometime last year, Melania begged Jerry Threehands to give Trump this sexy overhaul. Trump doesn’t care about Melania that much, so it never happened. Poor Melania. She just wanted her husband to Be Best!


This tabloid claims they know the Jerry Threehands method, but it is FAKE NEWS!!

Buy the cheap orange foundation Trump uses / Boing Boing

Keeping the POTUS the most handsome man in America requires the finest cosmetic products available. It is believed that Trump wears his favorite brand in the popular shade called ‘Tiger Glow’.

Trump’s Favorite Makeup? We May Finally Know What Gives Him THAT Orange Glow

The unnatural makeup line offers a wide range of choice suitable for Aryan skin tones.

Fake news or fake tan? Photo of 'orange face Trump' goes viral ...

Beloved Potus, you will always Be Best.

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