Bethany is proud to be a Grandma Killer

Bethany is proud to be a Grandma Killer

As we all have become acutely aware, the Covid-19 global pandemic has hit homeschooling moms the hardest. Poor Bethany, she just wants to have fun again, but pesky grandmas are getting in the way. Perhaps we should start an age cap like they had in Logan’s Run. You turn 30? You are done! This booming economy doesn’t have time for old people.

Everything would be perfect if only we could get rid of the grandmas—right?

Come to think about it, perhaps a glowing crystal embedded in our palm is a good idea. Covid-19 carriers can glow red to alert factory foremen to eject the offending employee from the premises. Likewise, all the Bethanies out there can be assured that the clear crystal clad barista that hands them their super tall ultra skinny wheatgrass soy protein infused latte is disease free–or at least young.

Sadly for Bethany, not everyone agrees that grandmas should make the ultimate sacrifice for her need to visit a museum. There have been some pretty harsh rebukes for Bethany’s disregard for her elders.

For some reason, Bethany remains proud of her work.

OK, Bethany, you grandma killing sociopath. Enjoy your freedom.

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