Trump Briefing Drinking Game

Trump Briefing Drinking Game

Please drink responsibly. We encourage you to play this game using soft drinks 😀 Or chocolate. Eating chocolate works too.

Take a sip if Trump says:

“We had the greatest economy in the history of the world!”

“Best employment numbers ever”

“Best stock numbers ever”

“They came into the oval office and said we had to close down the country”

“We are going to come back stronger than ever!”

“This is the greatest country in the world!”

“I’m a cheerleader for the country”

Take 2 sips if Trump says:

“The invisible enemy”

“the lamestream media”

“it was an illegal witch hunt!”

“The Wall!”


“tight borders”

Take a swig if Trump says:



“Wash your hands”

“Social distancing”

“15 days to slow the spread”

“30 days to slow the spread”

“The Chinese virus”



“wet markets”


“Pre-existing Conditions”



Down your glass if Trump says:


“nobody has done it like we’ve done it”

“”Defence Production Act”

“100,000,000 ventilators in 100 days”

“The curve is flattening”

“infections are past their peak”

“N95 Masks”

“100,000,000 masks per week”

“we made all these ventilators and nobody needs them!”

“no one who needs a ventilator has been denied a ventilator”

“Governors asked for more ventilators than they needed”

“not everyone believes in testing”

“the swabs are coming in by the millions”

“No country in the world has done more”

“strategic national stockpile”

“Pence has done an incredible job”

Pour yourself another drink if Trump says:



“Who are you with?”

“I’m the President and you are FAKE NEWS!”

“Defund the WHO”

“It’s China’s Fault”

“It’s Obama’s Fault”

“It’s Pelosi’s Fault”

“China Lied!!!!”

“we inherited a broken system”

“we started with nothing!”

“They should have stopped it!”

“very smart people are investigating that”

“lab-created virus”

“It’s the media’s fault”

“settle down!”

“Is he a Democrat?”

“No one asks about ventilators anymore”

“The governors should have said thankyou”

“We have tested more people than any other country”

“I helped a lot”

“We can see the light at the end of the tunnel”

Take a gulp if Trump says:

“Opening up America Again”

“re-open safely”

“Tattoo parlours”

“Hair Salons”

“lots of death”

“so much death”

“phased re-opening”

“private-public partnerships”

“Our country wasn’t designed for this”

“Bikers for Trump”

“open up the country”


“2nd Amendment”

Bonus: Just drink everything if Pence says “heal our land”.

Take a shot if any of the following happens:

Dr Birx wears a a silk scarf.

Dr Fauci covers his face with his hands.

Pence stares absently into the distance.

The wind blows everything except for Trump’s hair.

My Pillow guy makes an appearance.

Trump gives a stock tip—-Gilead! Johnson & Johnson! GM! Boeing!

Trump asks Dr Birx if she can look into injecting disinfectant into human lungs to cure Covid-19.

Trump claims that he was just being sarcastic.


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